Free Central Dispatch Tips – Car Hauling Dispatcher – Booking from a Load Board

Free Central Dispatch Tips – Car Hauling Dispatcher – Booking From A Load Board

How To Book Cars Online – Free Central Dispatch Tips

Dispatchers need to learn how to search for vehicles, find shipments, and talk to brokers. Knowing how to book the right loads takes time and experience – plus trial and error. But I can help you! Watch this video to get Free Central Dispatch Tips on how to route scout for your driver. Be sure to avoid major pitfalls that can make car hauling even harder than it already is.

Car Hauling Dispatcher gives you Central Dispatch Tips

My 3-car wedge driver needs to get booked to pick up in Ohio / Pennsylvania. Since he has four days before he needs to be home, I found a profitable route to Birmingham AL. Join me for the Route Scout and the booking while I dispatch.

My YouTube videos help Car Haulers and Dispatchers use the Search Vehicles function on Central Dispatch. I discuss how to Find & Book Loads. I also show recommended best practices of Route Scouting. Moving forward, I show other major Car Shipping Load Boards: Ready Auto Transport “1Dispatch” ( ) and the CarsArrive Network ( ).

Auto Transport Intel: Behind-The-Scenes of Car Shipping

“Car Hauling Dispatcher” features a veteran auto transport dispatcher load searching and booking cars. I dispatch for current working owner-operators while managing and documenting real-life auto transport industry life cycle logistics. For more info please read my blog post “Auto Transport Load Board List for Car Haulers” ( ):

Somewhere…each day, thousands of auto transport company owners, fleet managers, drivers, dispatchers (and sometimes family members) search the internet for new loads to book. Car hauling businesses feel the pain of having empty spaces on their trailers. They cannot afford to haul cheap freight! That’s why I’m providing FREE CENTRAL DISPATCH TIPS. With a long list of expenses swirling around in their minds as they drive, it’s the car haulers that end up losing sleep. At the end of a very long work day – still searching for a better auto transport load board, they are looking for answers.

Free Central Dispatch Tips and Auto Transport Load Board

Like it or not, Central Dispatch is not only the most expensive auto transport load board, but it remains to be the biggest. It is the most comprehensive load board for car haulers in the United States. I truly wish it wasn’t so expensive (plus I prefer the ‘Old Look’) but it’s clearly the largest auto transport marketplace to be found anywhere. Therefore, it’s the best place to meet all the other auto brokers and car carriers in one place. It’s also easy to book new loads for transport. I can help you learn how to fine tune your search for better-paying loads in the future.

What’s An Auto Transport Marketplace Really Like?

Central Dispatch ( is much like an enormous convention center, containing everyone. From mom-and-pop shops to nationwide trucking behemoths, you’ll find hundreds of loads at any given time. Remember: this is where you can learn to navigate and negotiate. Make mistakes without critically injuring your car hauling business. Brokers and carriers on Central Dispatch come and go year after year. This is the auto transport load board where you can meet nearly every other car shipper and auto transport broker operating today. Once you have graduated from a steep learning curve, then are you ready for the next level of load board/broker-carrier relationship.

Ready Auto Transport and CarsArrive Network

Ready Auto Transport ( and CarsArrive Network ( are easily the second and third largest auto transport load boards in existence today. Their car shipping load boards allow car haulers to book cars online. No need to make a phone call. Their loads are quite reliable when it comes to being ready, and usually, the carrier pay is at a reasonable market value. These two companies are also very respected within the auto transport industry. That’s why all carriers are required to complete a lengthy packet in order to qualify and meet their business requirements. Once approved, simply log in with your new username and password. Note: It is highly advised that a transporter checks these load boards frequently to avoid missing the best paying loads.

United Road: The Nation’s Largest Broker Carrier

United Road ( also posts many of its brokered loads online. Since they are a carrier and a broker, they have their own drivers on the road. Sometimes, they may or may not be in competition with your car hauling business. However, since they are the largest broker/carrier in the nation, you should become a member. Definitely consider them as an additional source to fill empty spots on your trailer.

Don’t Miss My Free Central Dispatch Tips

After the top three or four, there are unfortunately only about a handful of other load boards worth actually checking. This is because the volume of inventory of nearly everyone else is too small to watch all day. For you to find an occasional good load is often greater than the reward of discovery. Nearly all brokers post on Central Dispatch – in addition to their own website.

Some auto brokers specialize in regions and/or clients. Others specialize in a type of pickup location – such as rail head, port, and/or manufacturing plant. Overall, your carrier size and physical location becomes your search criteria. Searching regularly if you have a specific route is totally worth it!

I look forward to reading your comments and I will reply. Be a better dispatcher. Use this information.

– Please forward this to your friends! Thanks. – Jay W.

Free Central Dispatch Tips on Auto Transport Intel by Car Hauling Dispatcher on YouTube

Free Central Dispatch Tips on Auto Transport Intel by Car Hauling Dispatcher on YouTube

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