Enclosed Transport And OEM Cars – Free Advice

Enclosed Transport And OEM Cars – Free Advice

Watch this video if you are an open car carriers getting into enclosed transport service. In addition, you will find this info very helpful if you are right now thinking about hauling brand new vehicles. An enclosed transport is almost always very time sensitive for high-dollar cars requiring an enclosed trailer. To be successful, this higher margin transport demands experience, excellence and a lot of extra customer service.

Keep A Brand New OEM Car Safe With Enclosed Transport

Brand new cars with no miles don’t have a scratch. VIP customers will always expect perfection from the transporter. That’s why, if you’re just starting a car hauling business, watch this video for ESSENTIAL FREE TIPS AND FREE ADVICE. Before booking enclosed vehicles for transport, you must consider what’s really involved. Most of all, learn and know what’s at stake before securing an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) vehicle transport contract.

Watch This Video For Free Auto Transport Industry Advice

Phil M of DKO Industries certainly knows enclosed auto transport. He has worked with special vehicle moves for nearly twenty years. This includes high end luxury cars, foreign imports and confidential prototypes for major car manufacturers. Additionally, this includes VIP personally-owned vehicles (POVs) and show cars for trade shows that must be delivered on time. Furthermore, the high end vehicle unit must be in perfect condition when delivered hundreds (if not thousands) of miles from the original pickup location. Essentially, there is no room for error – because that’s what the customer expects.

Be on time. Stand by your work. Know the route. Don’t over promise. And most importantly, be professional.

An OEM Marketing Department Is Working Direct

TWO MAIN FACTORS determine a profitable enclosed transport business. Number one, perfectly working, new, reliable equipment is a must. Secondly, experienced and professional drivers are the only option. Furthermore, companies with these types of orders are very price sensitive, and you will be required to submit a bid. Overall, a competitive bid on the contract ultimately governs which car hauling business obtains the contract. Understanding the delicate balance of is what will make your business stand apart.

Take the transport seriously. Provide door-to-door service. Be a one of a kind for VIP luxury clientele. In conclusion, do it right.

Enclosed Transport - Auto Transport Intel by Car Hauling Dispatcher

Enclosed Transport – Auto Transport Intel by Car Hauling Dispatcher

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