Central Dispatch Loads – Phone Calls – Book & Verify

Calling About A Load On Central Dispatch and How To Verify Vehicles

Booking Central Dispatch loads can be hard – especially if the auto broker you called thinks you don’t know what you’re doing. That’s not good. If you sound like a noob, you won’t get the best deal for the driver. But the only way to improve is to keep picking up the phone and do it again.

Central Dispatch Loads – Calling To Book And Verify Transport

Know what you’re talking about. This rule applies every time you pick up the phone and make a business call. Hence, a strong salesforce employs a solid message. In fact, you can do this to. Overall, you want to write down your most successful phone phrases and sharpen them.

If you’re a Car Shipping Dispatcher, know these 3 scripts:
1) “I’m Calling About A Load On Central Dispatch.”
2) “I’m Calling To Make Sure The Car Is Ready For Pickup.”
3) “I’m Calling Ahead Of The Driver To Verify A Vehicle Is Ready To Go.”

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Booking Central Dispatch Loads Is Part One – Don’t Forget Part Two: LOAd Verification

Getting an auto broker on the phone is like fishing. You cast your line, you wait, and then you get a bite. Now you need to reel in a big fish. If it’s too little, you throw it back. In addition, never be afraid to do that. Furthermore, if it’s good sized, see how big you can get it. You only need a few big fish and then you can go home. You don’t want a ton of little fish.

Once you have a good Central Dispatch loads, don’t just go to lunch. Call the pick up location and make sure the vehicle is ready to go. Ask questions. Find the right person. Make notes for the driver. Then, after you’ve got that done, get the info to the driver. Only then, can you relax. For the moment…

Central Dispatch Loads - Calling About A Load On Central Disptach - Call Scripts - Auto Transport Intel

Central Dispatch Loads – Calling About A Load On Central Disptach – Call Scripts – Auto Transport Intel

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