Car Hauling Dispatcher – Tips for using Central Dispatch Load Board

Car Hauling Dispatcher - Tips for using Central Dispatch Load Board

Car Hauling Dispatcher – Tips for using Central Dispatch Load Board

As a veteran dispatcher, I search for cars all on the time. There is no question Central Dispatch Load Board is #1 in the car shipping industry for finding vehicles. Booking cars and keeping a busy car hauler trailer fully loaded is essential. That’s why there are other competitor load boards (not many, but a few). Absolutely, there are great reasons for using other load boards (such as booking after hours and ease of use). But it is indisputable (ask any carrier) that Central Dispatch Load Board is the most important load board for keeping fully loaded. This is not an advertisement for Central Dispatch! It’s simply the truth. I encourage you to please comment below. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Car Haulers Search Vehicles on Central Dispatch Load Board

I made this video to help Car Haulers use the Search Vehicles feature of Central Dispatch. The purpose is to help you find loads to book. Plus, to learn some of the criteria of Route Scouting and best practices. We’ll all also take a look at the two other major Car Shipping load boards. Ready Auto Transport 1Dispatch ( ) and CarsArrive Network ( ). For more info please read my blog post “How To Use Central Dispatch: Tips From A Load Sniper” ( ):




Car Shipping Load Boards That Car Haulers Use Most

Over-the-road car haulers and independent owner-operators must turn a profit. Since they plan to keep on running – and growing and expanding. Furthermore, it is financially imperative to the transport company that dispatched loads fill every empty spot. Most of all, the trailer cannot afford to have empty spots during any leg of the trip. Load boards like Central Dispatch, Ready Auto Transport, and CarsArrive Network are essential. They offer nationwide car carriers the best chance of achieving this objective of staying fully loaded.

Occasionally combing through long lists of loads is simply not enough. To compete in such a highly competitive market as auto transport, you must be ready. With intense demand and limited supply, it is the hair-trigger tools of the experienced “load sniper” that provide a company with a fighting chance of staying in business. This is the advice of a long-time veteran auto transport dispatcher

Central Dispatch Load Board to Find Shipments for Car Haulers

First of all, from the “Home” screen, under “Find Shipments,” you must choose “Search Vehicles.” Next, select “City Search” within 100 miles around your “Pickup” city. For “Delivery,” press the CTRL key and click with the mouse to select every state or region that you might consider delivering to (remember: there is a maximum limit of 15 at a time.) Keep in mind, for the most comprehensive search, select “Find all dispatches along my route.” Okay, that’s the easy part.

Be Sure To Highlight Listings To See The Freshest Loads First

I can’t stress enough how crucial it is to be watching all the time. The most important tip right off is that you must select “1 Hour or Newer” under “Highlight Listings.” With “Highlighted on Top” checked. In addition, enter “.4” into the “Min pay per vehicle/mi” field if you plan to make any money this week. And if you’ve been in business (and plan to keep it that way), you must accept “All” under “Payment Type”. There are not enough “COD” loads out there to keep everyone fully loaded at the same time.

For most carriers, be sure to choose “Open” for “Trailer Type”. Trying to book an “Enclosed” vehicle is not worth the frustration. “Non-Running” vehicles are an unfortunate fact of life so choose “All” under “Running?” Being open to “All Vehicle Types” is definitely worth its learning curve. And by the way, if your transport equipment is in good working condition, selecting “Ready to Ship Within 30 Days” can present you with lucrative future load options. There, you are now ready to hit the “Search Vehicles” button.

Auto Transport Load Board – Getting Search Vehicle Results That Work

Ideally, your search “Results” number somewhere between 100 and 200 (but not as high as 500 because that is too many). Furthermore, you can always hit the back arrow on the browser to change up the mix as needed. If you are searching during regular business hours, there should be several blue highlighted loads at the top of the list. Those are the fresh loads, and this is where you will usually find your anchor load. That’s the good stuff, and sometimes it’s literally gone in sixty seconds.

Get Your Anchor Load By Being The Fastest Dispatcher!

The best load you can hope for is a trailer full of small cars that run and drive, paying cash on delivery. Most of all, that it needs to be transported about 1000-2000 miles. But even if you can find just find one or two of those, you have found your anchor load. While those kinds of cars pop up in blue, they are usually only there for a mere few minutes. I can’t stress enough how crucial it is to be watching all the time. As a result, that’s why the #1 secret top ingredient to being a load sniper is the same as being an expert fisherman.

In conclusion, you must be patient. You should at least know what you’re looking for. You need to be willing to wait all day long. Sitting at a computer workstation with multiple monitors. A proven method of constantly refreshing the screen can be a full-time time job, and can make a huge difference in overall pay to the truck.

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Central Dispatch Load Board - Auto Transport Intel by Car Hauling Dispatcher on YouTube

Central Dispatch Load Board – Auto Transport Intel by Car Hauling Dispatcher on YouTube

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