Central Dispatch Auto Transport Load Board: Book, Load, Verify

ATI Car Hauling Dispatcher Living The Dream

Car Hauling Dispatcher – Using Central Dispatch Auto Transport Load Board

First, I booked three vehicles using Central Dispatch auto transport load board. My goal for my driver is to fill up his 3-car wedge trailer – every leg of the trip. So now it’s time to verify the load information and assign the loads to the driver’s app. Remember, the booking process is never easy.

Even though I might find the right loads for the route, I have to negotiate the best carrier rate for the driver. Communicating the carrier pay with the driver is essential to being a good car hauling dispatcher. It will seem like making endless phone calls is simply part of the job. Because it is. And checking the map and second guessing decisions can be all too common. However, through it all, getting the loads booked and the trailer filled is a great feeling!

Central Dispatch Auto Transport Load Board – The Vehicle Marketplace

My video can help Car Haulers and Dispatchers use the Search Vehicles function on Central Dispatch ( http://www.centraldispatch.com ). That’s why dispatchers and drivers find and book loads using my recommended best practices. In addition, I show Route Scouting and a brief look at two other major Car Shipping Load Boards. The first is Ready Auto Transport “1Dispatch” ( http://carrierbeta.ratloads.com/ ). The second is CarsArrive Network ( https://www.carsarrive.com ). Also, the TMS dashboard and eBOL used in this video provided by Super Dispatch ( http://www.superdispatch.com )

(Behind-The-Scenes of Auto Transport Industry)

My name is Jay. I am the “Car Hauling Dispatcher”. I am a veteran auto transport dispatcher load searching and booking cars. As a result, I have been dispatching for current working owner-operators. I also manage and document real-life auto transport industry life cycle logistics.


This video and blog post is NOT an advertisement for Central Dispatch Auto Transport Load Board. Rather, this information is meant to be used as an information source to help you succeed in Car Hauling. Please comment below and let us know.

Central Dispatch Auto Transport - Auto Transport Intel by Car Hauling Dispatcher on YouTube

Central Dispatch Auto Transport – Auto Transport Intel by Car Hauling Dispatcher on YouTube

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