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Hey, welcome back again to Auto Transport Intel. You know that there are brokers and load boards that require you to use different apps and auto carrier software. You’ve got the CarsArrive app, Ready Auto app, MetroGistics app, United Road app… You also know there are third-party software providers that you can hire and get a monthly subscription and use their TMS dashboard and mobile apps – so we know there’s car hauling technology out there.

Auto Load Logic – Auto Carrier Software?

I’ve been talking about car hauling software and technologies – that would be a TMS transportation management system and a mobile app that work together – so you can manage loads and pick up cars.

Of the top three solutions that I guess I’m talking about right now – if you do a Google search for “Car Hauling Software” you’re going to find Super Dispatch, Auto Load Logic, CarShipIO, GoPhore (auto carrier software) and… we’re gonna skip Central Dispatch because that doesn’t count – and Megabee.

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Central Dispatch Is Not Auto Carrier Software?

Why doesn’t Central Dispatch count? Central Dispatch is a load board – so it’s where you can book loads – but you can’t really use their platform to manage their loads. Now they might disagree, but until they have a mobile app that a driver can use to actually pick up and deliver cars, I would not consider Central Dispatch an actual software solution for managing your vehicles.

So today we’re gonna focus on Auto Load Logic. Therefore, I attempted to get a hold of Auto Load Logic to learn more about their car hauling software. They’ve got a great website with solutions and features. They talk about carriers, shippers, brokers, pricing – there’s a lot of information up here – really looks great, right? So… man, let’s sign up. I’m sold! This looks amazing! Alright – contact us. Contact us… great, there’s a toll-free number. 800-559-5229.

See what happens next…

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Auto Carrier Software - Auto Load Logic by Hat Creek Carriers - News Update by Auto Transport Intel

Auto Carrier Software – Auto Load Logic by Hat Creek Carriers – News Update by Auto Transport Intel

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