Load Board Leftovers Make Car Haulers Sick!

Sick of Load Board Leftovers

What Are Load Board Leftovers?

The Call Of Load Board Leftovers Is The Sound Of Another Fax Machine.

You’re a Car Hauler “Living Off The Load Boards”, right? Losing sleep over last-minute cancelled loads, feeling powerless arguing over Cheap Dispatch Rates with Auto Transport Brokers, wondering how you’re going to pay for fuel to get to the next town after unloading another surprise INOP vehicle, right? Believe me, I get it. I once was a Car Hauling Dispatcher working in an Auto Transport Dispatch Office trained on Searching For Loads on the Central Dispatch Auto Transport Load Board. And it didn’t take me long before I started avoiding the “Load Board Leftovers” truth, too.

I, too, wondered why the Car Hauling Cents Per Mile Rates were so low. I spent years begging the Auto Transport Brokers for more money. I’ve filled out dozens of Broker Packets ‘fast and furious’. I spent countless hours calling for Certificates Of Insurance while everyone else was still at lunch. Day after day, I’ve prayed for Better Paying Loads to show up on the Car Hauling Load Boards. Awake early, staying up late, mornings, nights, weekends and vacations! I felt totally powerless and begged for mercy, all the while, still wondering, “Is dumpster diving an Auto Transport Business model or my inevitable bankruptcy and total loss of sanity???

The Load Board Rat Race

Everywhere I went – at the office, at the store, at home – I fired up the PC, Mac, tablet, desktop, cell phone (every mobile app and car hauling software I could find) – anything with a screen on it and an internet connection. Logging in and out of Central Dispatch, Ready Auto Transport 1Dispatch, CarsArrive Network, United Road Logistics, Metrogistics – anything with auto transport loads on it. (But we all know, we’re really just watching the Central Dispatch load board). Setting up new load searches and posting empty trucks as available. Calling load after load. Leaving voicemails. Sending emails. Using two dispatch phones at once to tie up the auto transport broker phone lines to get the load dispatching agent on the phone first! Been there, done that.

Sick Of Load Board Leftovers? Learn Car Shipping. Watch Auto Transport Intel.
“Too Busy Bustin’ Them Load Boards”

More Load Board Leftovers…Really?

Yes, there are still car haulers totally happy with this system. They use the same old broken load board car hauling software mobile apps and that’s fine. But what about you? Along with hundreds (if not THOUSANDS) of other car haulers in the domestic 48 states that think a magical genius dispatcher will always find great paying loads to make everybody rich – is that realistic? You’ve seen the cheap cars on the load boards. How many car hauling mobile apps are there? How many times a day can a dispatcher get lucky and get the money the car hauling business owner expects. Once a day? Twice a day? Every day? Will it ever be enough to keep up with the tires, break-downs, and DOT fees? Good luck with that car hauling software.

Now I’m not saying I’ve got it all figured it out. But I am saying that I know what I’m describing is real. And we all know the cost of load board subscriptions and rising car hauling software mobile apps keeps going up while the return on investment keeps going down. And in the aggregate there’s a breaking point. A point of no return.

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What Makes Dispatching So Hard?

I show you reason after reason by Booking Cars On Load Boards “Looks” Easy. Why full time dispatching and booking loads with current car hauling software mobile apps keeps you full of stress and stuffed with mountains of incorrect information on dispatch sheets.

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