Eric Brown, Paul Comfort, and Alexander Tholl on the Mobility Tech & Connectivity Show w/ Ryan Gerardi

🎙 Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill Signed, Pet Prosthetics for Mobility, and Electrification or Bust

In this episode…President Joe Biden signs the $1 trillion Infrastructure bill. What’s in it and how does this benefit you? Plus, 3D printed prosthetics for pet mobility; car shopping that rewards you; and do we really need a climate “crisis” to justify the need for cleaner, renewable, sustainable energy? All this in more with public transportation podcaster Paul Comfort, industrial designer Alexander Tholl, and AskOtto purveyor Eric Brown on the Mobility Tech & Connectivity Show.

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The Oldest Porsche in America

In celebration of its 60th year in North America, Porsche has conducted a search for the oldest Porsche vehicles on the continent. First selling Porsches in North America in 1950, the company conducted a poll…

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Auto Review: 2011 Porsche Carrera 4S

The 2011 Porsche Carrera 4S is in the 911 family, putting it in a class that is both sporty and luxurious without pretentiousness. The first Carrera was introduced in 1973. Since then, the Carrera brand has just gotten better. This racing class vehicle is built with power, agility and handling in mind and the 4S […]

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Will The Oldest Porsche Please Drive Up?

Although there is a lot more history to the Porsche brand and family, the classic automaker has launched a contest to locate the oldest Porsche in America as part of its commemoration of 60 years…

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Tips for Checking Your Transmission Fluid

Everybody always talks about checking and changing the oil in their cars, but most drivers forget about their transmission fluid. Transmission fluid in your Porsche, Audi, or VW is as important as the oil and it’s almost as easy to check.

The first thing to remember about checking your transmission fluid is that your car should […]

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2010 Porsche Boxter S

The 2010 Porsche Boxter S is a high-performance two seater sports car with a standard 6-speed manual transmission. An optional feature, taken from the Porsche 911, is the PDK 7-speed automated manual transmission. The Boxter S is in its tenth manufacturing year, but it received its second life in 2009 and this year’s version is […]