Joe Yannetty and Roger Nygard on the Mobility Tech & Connectivity Show

Michigan Creates Autonomous Vehicle Corridor, ‘Suckers’ Movie Remastered [VIDEO]

In this episode of the Mobility Tech & Connectivity Show we welcome Special Guests Joe Yannetty and Roger Nygard, writers of the 1999 film ‘Suckers’ about a car dealership in SoCal – directed by Nygard, to talk about movie making in the car business. The theme this week is Automotive Consumer Experience and we talk about the fate of cars in cities and government contact tracing of Covid-19.

self-driving vehicles on Michigan roadways

Michigan Considers Self-Driving Vehicles

Consumers in Michigan may be one step closer to buying self-driving vehicles. In fact, auto buyers in all 50 states are getting one step closer every day. The Michigan Department of Transportation is conducting an…