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Rolls Royce Enters Funeral Car Market

Tweet Guess who’s nosing in on the funeral car market. Rolls Royce. When you think about Rolls Royce, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? I bet it isn’t funeral processions and caskets….

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Reviewing the 2010 Mercedes ML450H Hybrid

Who says you cannot combine sports, luxury, affordability and eco-friendliness all in one vehicle? It certainly was not Mercedes-Benz and the automaker’s 2010 ML450H Hybrid is here to prove it. The ML450H is MB’s first production hybrid that mixes gas and electric capabilities into one car for the ultimate in power and eco-consciousness. And when […]

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Review of the 2010 Mercedes R-Class R350 4Matic

Minivans don’t scream luxury, and a lot of families that could use the space aren’t eager to put down cash on a vehicle that says they’re staid and boring. The Mercedes R-Class R350 4Matic is anything but boring, with extraordinary luxury offerings, a sleek style, and the comfort and roominess that puts any minivan to […]

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All about the 2010 Mercedes M-Class Vehicles

If you’re a fan of luxury automobiles, the 2010 Mercedes M-Class will undoubtedly not disappoint you. The 2010 M-Class lineup of SUVs are the prefect size for comfort without losing any of the sophistication that you have come to expect from the elite automaker. And the best part is that there are five different models […]