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Ehren Bragg, Karma Automotive

Luxury Automaker Karma Expands Retail Footprint

In this week’s episode of AC ON AIR, we sit down with Karma Automotive Orange County Store Director Ehren Bragg.  During the show, we talk about the ultra-luxury car market and the exciting technology fueling the interest.  We also touch on the unique challenges of being a small manufacturer, as well as the problem with inevitable comparisons with Tesla.


The Chinese Straddling Bus Scam

Real world auto innovations have become so novel and futuristic that it’s easy to understand why people thought the Chinese straddling-bus idea was legit. The premise was simple and, in a market desperate for solutions…

guide to alternative fuels

Guide to Alternative Car Fuels Infographic

Ten years ago the idea of electric cars was still just that – an idea.  While people have been talking about alternatives for greener, clean-running fuel, we’ve only just begun to scratch the surface of…

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How Will Drivers Adopt Electric Vehicle Technology?

When it comes to technological developments, whether automotive or otherwise, things don’t always happen fast. Electric vehicles are still relatively new and they haven’t caught on yet. But automakers are looking forward to the day…

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Nissan Leaf Compatible with iPhone

Nissan announced that the new Leaf will feature Eco mode, a feature found on some hybrid vehicles that creates energy when the vehicle is braking.  In tests, the range of Leaf vehicles went from 131…