auto technology

auto repairs and new technology

Auto Mechanics Go Back To School

Changing technologies means professionals who work on cars have to update their training from time to time to meet the growing demand of electronic, hybrid, and other emerging vehicle technologies. That’s just a part of…

wireless networking technology in automobiles

Cisco Wants To Network Your Car

Imagine driving a lighter vehicle that is network-connected. By that I mean your radio, your voice and audio controls, your GPS navigation, your back seat video viewer, and all of your digital in-car technology run…

Ford Fusion fuel efficiency auto start-stop feature

Will You Pay More For Fuel Efficiency?

Ford Motor Company thinks you will. That’s why they’ve made an option for the best selling Ford Fusion to include an upgrade option in 2013 that will cost you $295 if you go for it….

in-car technology and safe driving

Is In-Car Technology Safe Or Safety-Inhibiting?

Auto safety is no laughing matter. Everyone wants driving to be more safe, not less. But for months we’ve heard critics of in-car technology, particularly technology that allows drivers to fiddle with gadgets while they…

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Is Auto Insurance Dying?

A research firm is predicting the death of auto insurance due to new and emerging technologies in the auto industry. Those technologies specifically include collision avoidance technology, telematics, automated traffic enforcement, and self-driving cars. Google…

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Are You Ready For The Future Of Cars?

The great-grandson of Henry Ford is lobbying for a radical change in how vehicles are driven in the future. Bill Ford is the executive chairman of Ford Motor Company and he is making huge predictions…

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The Car That Will Read Your Mind

Automotive technology is getting a lot more sophisticated. And I’m talking about more than just controlling your car with your iPhone. I’m talking about your car actually reading your mind. The manufacturer that is planning…

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Expected Changes In Automotive Technology

As the 21st century gets underway, auto industry experts are expecting major improvements to automotive technology. As hybrid and electric vehicle technology takes off and third world markets start to grow, some of these changes…