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COVID-19 Disrupts Fixed Ops

🎙 COVID-19 the Unassuming Undetected Fixed Ops Disruptor

A mashup of conversations about fixed operations from January through March that reveals how undetected COVID-19 was and how quickly it became the unassuming disruptor that it was. In it we review the online auto parts business of 2019, hear how dealers recruit and develop service technicians, and we see first-hand how dealers are adopting COVID-19 protocols and safety measures.

How Can I Improve My Used Car?

Tweet *Sponsored Post It’s a question that many drivers find themselves asking on numerous occasions. In an ideal world, you’d love to treat yourself to a brand new motor. However, the more affordable option is…

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Auto Mechanics Go Back To School

Tweet Changing technologies means professionals who work on cars have to update their training from time to time to meet the growing demand of electronic, hybrid, and other emerging vehicle technologies. That’s just a part…

Cash For Cars Quick recycles old cars for scrap metal.

Car Recycling In Los Angeles

Tweet Cash For Cars Quick is a website that is revolutionizing the junk car concept. Instead of sending junk cars to the scrap heap or junkyard, they are recycling them for other uses. Those uses…

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Don’t Forget To Winterize Your Vehicle

Tweet One of the things that can easily make a young or inexperienced driver keel over real quick is the idea of ongoing vehicle maintenance. There are some things that the driver should do on…

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How to Find a Certified Lexus Mechanic

To meet manufacturer requirements, Lexus dealerships must certify all mechanics and must also purchase specific equipment meant exclusively for performing maintenance on Lexus automobiles. Since certified mechanics at Lexus dealerships tend to work primarily on Lexus vehicles, this allows them to become more specialized with repairing Lexus brand vehicles compared with other mechanics at independent […]

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Making the Best Choice for Auto Repair: Dealership or Independent Garage?

Franchise dealerships have been accused of having generally higher prices for auto repair than their independent counterparts, but the increased costs is often justified because of conveniences, amenities, and also assurances not typically afforded by independent shops. Plus, there are plenty of independent shops known for performing work on vehicles that was not necessary, something […]

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How to Keep your Lexus Looking New

After purchasing your new Lexus car you probably want to keep it looking like, well,  a new Lexus car. You have invested a lot of time in choosing which vehicle suits your personality so it is worth taking some time to protect that investment. Here are a few simple tips to keep your Lexus looking […]

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Save on Gas for less than $20

In a day of skyrocketing gasoline prices, consumers are doing everything that they can in order to try to improve their gas mileage. From modifying your driving speed to limiting travel, many of the things you do to improve the gas mileage of your Lexus are just simply inconvenient, at best. Fortunately, there is one […]