🎙 COVID-19 Vaccine Passports, Update on Biden’s Infrastructure Bill, and Order-Based, On-Demand Auto Shopping

Terry Lancaster on the Mobility Tech & Connectivity Show w/ Ryan Gerardi

Last month on the show we were at the early stages of being faced with COVID-19 vaccine mandates in the US coming from the Biden administration. And on its heels came the idea of vaccine passports to enter restaurants and participate in public events, something that has become reality in several places beginning with France and Australia, and the US.

This in the midst of a global chip shortage and worldwide supply chain issues caused by none other than yours truly – COVID-19. Or is the “pandemic” only a red herring?

For many, what we are seeing is an overreach by state and federal governments. But for some, this is necessary. After all, it’s the people refusing to be vaccinated for COVID-19 that are the problem now, more so than the virus itself, right?

> Listen to Pandemic of the Unvaccinated

That’s right. Now the focus is on people opposed to being forced to take a vaccine that was rushed to the forefront to combat a virus that was nefariously introduced to the world by a consortium of international organizations and governmental institutions.

But back to supply chain issues and the global chip shortage. We’ve been covering them and the consensus at this point is that these two issues aren’t going away anytime soon.

And so, we will keep a pulse on this, along with other matters as well.

In fact, how about that Infrastructure Bill? In this bill, it turns out, surprise surprise…there are things that nobody knows about and it has nothing to do with infrastructure.

For example, blanket amnesty for about 10 million undocumented people living in the USA right now. What does that have to do with infrastructure? Nothing. And it’s gone so far as that one Senate parliamentarian rejected the Democrats’ push to include a pathway to amnesty.

He said, “you can’t do that in a spending bill,” which it’s true. But the Biden administration was hoping that nobody would notice. Well, people did. And as a result, that will come out of the bill.

But, the deception is there. Let it be known. So when you hear about Biden and BigMedia boosting up support for this $3.5 Trillion spending bill, keep in mind, it’s not all about infrastructure.

This month on the show we take a step back and look at everything going around us: Vaccine mandates and passports, inflation, and car shopping.

Wait, what!?

Yes, car shopping.

Apparently this chip shortage continues to throw a wrench into things. Automakers can’t make enough cars to meet demand because of the shortage and other supply chain issues, causing demand for used cars to go up because, well, people do need cars. So there are some challenges there.

Which is precisely where we pick up this month on the show.

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Today’s guest is Terry Lancaster from TerryLancaster.com. Terry, who is a true legacy character here on the program, joins us to discuss the long term implications of the ongoing inventory shortage in the car business? Will we move to a more order-based, on demand shopping system much like the rest of the world? Terry brings years of experience in automotive, advertising, and digital media.

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