The Oldest Porsche in America

In celebration of its 60th year in North America, Porsche has conducted a search for the oldest Porsche vehicles on the continent. First selling Porsches in North America in 1950, the company conducted a poll online to determine the oldest Porsche in each model category. The winner for oldest: a 1952 Strawberry Red 356 Cabriolet owned by Dr. Robert Wilson of Oklahoma City, imported in 1952 by Austrian businessman, Max Hoffman.

However, an older model Porsche was found in Richard Brumme’s 1950 356 Cabriolet, which, unfortunately, was not retailed in America and was therefore disqualified from the competition.

The oldest Porsches for other models are:

1965 911: Barry August of Clarksville, Md.
1965 912: Steve Torkelsen of Wilton, Conn.
1970 914: Ralph Stoesser of Marco Island, Fla.
1977 924: Jay Hoover of New Haven, Ind.
1977 928: Jim Doerr of Richmond, Va.
1983 944: John Denning of Covington, Wash.
1992 968: Jeffrey Coe of Trumball, Conn.
1997 Boxster: David Adrian of Worcester, Mass.
2004 Cayenne: Adam Reichard of Magnolia, Texas
2005 Carrera GT: Robert Ingram of Durham, N.C.
2006 Cayman: Eugenie Thomas of Martinez, Calif.

The winners of the contest will be represented by photographs at an exhibit in the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, and Brumme’s 1950 356 Cabriolet will appear in the Los Angeles Auto Show.

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