LIVE MAR 8. The Sudden Rise of AI, Ties to UFO Revival

MTC Show w/ Ryan Gerardi

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Today on the MTC Show, we are discussing the sudden rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and AI-powered chat technology such as ChatGPT and The former has been stealing the headliners over other such AI-powered chat technologies, but others such as Bing and offer more than just chat, or next-level search.

We also open the mystery box of AI by hinting at the idea of ties between the future of AI, UFOs, and the possibility of advanced civilizations preserved in arctic regions that could reveal signs due to ice melt in the south pole.

The MTC Show

Aired live in MAR 2023

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In the News…

  • BMW launches demonstration fleet of hydrogen cars that use fuel cells from Toyota: Germany’s BMW plans on launching a pilot fleet of IX5 hydrogen vehicles this year which will be tested for safety, emissions performance, fuel efficiency and more before being released into full production.
  • Ford earns Postal Service’s latest EV contract: Ford earning another contract with US Postal Service for electric vehicles – these new EVs are expected to help reduce costs while providing better service overall than traditional delivery methods can offer.
  • Ford patents autonomous vehicle repossession: Ford recently filed a patent for an automated vehicle repossession system which would allow them to track down customers who have defaulted on their payments without having any human interaction involved at all – something that could prove highly useful if implemented correctly!
  • Toyota Partners With Yahoo For Crown AR Effort: Toyota has also partnered with Yahoo Japan Corp., allowing them access to Crown AR technology so they can create augmented reality experiences within their cars – potentially offering drivers never before seen levels of convenience when it comes time for maintenance or repairs needed over time as well as other services provided by Toyota itself through its app ecosystem..
  • Ford forms automated driving subsidiary from Argo AI’s remains: Ford has formed an Automated Driving Subsidiary which focuses specifically on autonomous driving technologies research & development; this should result in some interesting developments coming out soon enough!.
  • Hacker Cracks Toyota Customer Search Tool: There is news about hackers cracking Toyotas customer search tool; security experts suggest users take extra precaution when using personal data online since even reputable companies like Toyota aren’t immune from cyber attacks nowadays!.

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Ryan Jeffrey Gerardi
Ryan Jeffrey Gerardi is Chief Editor of AutoConverse Magazine and Executive Producer and Host of the AutoConverse Podcast and Live Weekly Webcast called the Mobility Tech & Connectivity Show, or MTC Show. He is also Founder & President of AutoConversion with nearly 20 years experience in the transportation space. Ryan concentrates his efforts today on exploring people, ideas, and technologies related to how we get around and how we are connected, being a father and studying Taoism and Wu Wei.