How Shared Mobility is Transforming Fixed Ops [VIDEO]

Geoff Infeld and Fernando Uribe from QuickRide on the Mobility Tech & Connectivity Show

Despite the presently twisted scenario we find ourselves in right now due to the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, today’s market still demands strong relationships with your clients. From acquisition to retention, the growth of your business depends on keeping customers engaged with your company. The more familiar you are with your clients, the more you can answer their needs.

According to one industry blog, research that was done by Bain & Co suggests that increasing customer retention rates by 5% increases profits by 25%. Another interesting fact to consider is that an existing customer is 50% more likely to try your new products compared to new customers.

One company that is focused on helping auto retailers with customer retention is QuickRide, an app for auto retailers that manages all interactions with shuttles, customers, and drivers so your Service Advisors can stay focused on selling.

Conversation with Fernando Uribe and Geoff Infeld from QuickRide

As Director of Operations, Uribe helps leaders at car dealerships cure their operational headaches with technology. Fernando started his career in the Automotive industry because of his passion for cars, helping to get new car shoppers through the front doors of dealerships. Now he keeps customers coming back for life by elevating dealerships’ processes with innovation and technology.

Geoff is a Growth Advisor for QuickRide, focusing on his experience as a client success leader with a demonstrated history of delivering entrepreneurial revenue growth through.

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In the News…

Mobility Change – Google Report

Google has released new mobility data centered around the impact that COVID-19 social distancing has had on Retail, Grocery, Parks, Transit Stations, Workplaces, and Residential. Some states have skyrocketed in Park use.

This report shouldn’t be used for medical diagnostic, prognostic, or treatment purposes. It also isn’t intended to be used for guidance on personal travel plans.

Location accuracy and the understanding of categorized places varies from region to region, so we don’t recommend using this data to compare changes between countries, or between regions with different characteristics (e.g. rural versus urban areas). We’ll leave a region out of the report if we don’t have statistically significant levels of data.

To learn how Google calculated these trends and preserved privacy, view the report.

[Get the Report…]

Robots join the coronavirus fight

From caring for hospitals in Wuhan to cleaning Hong Kong’s trains, robots are emerging as a key ally in humanity’s fight against the coronavirus. The reason? Robots are “fast, efficient” and “contagion-proof”, reports AFP, allowing hospitals to deliver food to patients in Singapore, or even listen to patients’ lungs in Thailand and Israel, with reduced risk to healthcare workers. A Hong Kong hotelier is also using such devices to serve food to those in self-quarantine, while a Tokyo university used avatar robots to hold a graduation ceremony.

[Learn more…]

Philadelphia transit drops face-mask mandate after viral video shows rider forcibly removed from bus

A viral video shows Philadelphia police on Friday forcibly removing an individual, who was ordered to leave a bus for not wearing a mask, from public transportation who was ordered to leave a bus for not wearing a mask.

The unidentified man was carried off of a Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority, SEPTA, bus after refusing to vacate the vehicle as requested by the bus driver, as reported by local news station WCAU-TV.

The incident was captured by a bystander and circulated on Facebook.

[Learn more…]

Will Consumers Abandon Uber & Lyft for Ride Hailing?

In a recent video, Paragon Honda VP Brian Benstock suggests that in the “COVID-19 economy” consumers are going to move away from public transportation and ride hailing services such as Uber & Lyft. Do you agree or disagree?

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