Car Shipping and the State of Auto Retail – Conversation with Jay Wertzberger, Auto Transport Intel [VIDEO]

Jay Wertzberger on the Mobility Tech & Connectivity Show

To say the last few weeks have been tumultuous, fear-driven, and exhausting would be an understatement. In as little as two months we have gone from prohibiting flights from China to being in a global societal shutdown.

It’s akin to slamming on the brakes of your vehicle driving on the highway knowing the result will end in a tailspin and collision. Yet you can’t get your foot off the brake.

Every industry and business are being detrimentally affected. Companies are crumbling, jobs are vanishing, and people are clinging for hope.

The automotive industry is certainly not immune. With supply chains, logistics, transport and warehouses, getting vehicles from assembly lines to showrooms and into people’s driveways involves a complex arrangement of networks.

And who better to talk with us about these things than Auto Transport Intel Live Host Jay Wertzberger.

Conversation with Jay Wertzberger, Host, Auto Transport Intel

Jay W hosts a live webcast every Tuesday night on YouTube for people in the car shipping business. The show lasts about two hours. It features about an hour of fun car shipping news, a feature guest interview, a panel discussion, and constant live chat. And Jay has offered to give us an update on things from the car shipping front, and how COVID-19 is impacting that part of the industry.

The Mobility Tech & Connectivity Show

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Mobility Space Mastermind – State of Auto Retail

Immediately after my interview with Jay, the all-new Mobility Space Mastermind will begin. And this week we have a jam packed session lined up focused on the State of the Auto Retail industry.

To kick things off, we have Mike Phillips from McCloskey Motors in Colorado Springs, Colorado giving us an update on his situation as an Independent Dealer in Colorado. Dealers in Colorado are facing a frustrating predicament limited by the outdated DMV system there.

After this we have Gray Scott from Muller Honda in Chicago, sharing with us the results of an email survey he did that offers some incredible insights about his customer base’s shopping preferences and interests.

Following this, we have David Rozek and Chris Lima from Motorwerks, also in the Chicago area. David and Chris are going to give us an idea what they are doing at their luxury dealership in the suburbs in regard to COVID-19 concerns.

And finally, to cap things off we have Herb Anderson from the Dealer Talk Podcast who is going to lead a segment about the 5 things dealers can be focusing on right now in regards to their marketing strategy: Website, Message, Budget, Data, and Social Media.

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