Evolving Lending Technology Is Reshaping the Way Consumers Transact in Private Automotive Sales [VIDEO]

Interview with Inovatec Founder Vladimir Kovacevic

It’s no secret that for years consumers have been privately listing their vehicles for sale on sites like Autotrader, Kijiji, Cars.com and more. In fact, according to the NIADA Used Car Industry Report, approximately twelve million cars were sold through private party sales in 2018. And while millions of consumers have sold their cars online, they’ve always been at the mercy of their buyer arranging financing in order to complete the deal.

New technologies today may be changing this in the consumer’s favor.

While many technological capabilities are available to dealerships, lending technology historically remained limited for consumers looking to sell their own vehicle. In a private sale, the buyer must secure their own financing independent of the seller, either through their own bank or private party lender.

However, there is always a chance that the buyer’s funding may not get approved, requiring the seller to find a new buyer. What’s more, privately selling a vehicle often-times opens sellers up to many risks including theft, misrepresentation, and fraud.

A new series of technological advancements has changed this. Lenders today are looking to offer a more effective solution for consumers in both a buying or selling situation.

Cloud-based FinTech for Automotive Finance & Leasing

One such FinTech provider is Inovatec, which offers innovative software solutions helping businesses establish a scalable, data driven business model within the automotive and equipment finance industry.

The process starts when a seller lists their vehicle for sale on a website that supports automotive resale. Through lending process management technology, the seller would have the ability to offer their vehicle for sale with financing options that are backed by a lender. Thus, allowing the buyer to work directly with the lender to purchase the vehicle, without securing financing through an outside vendor source.

This makes it possible for the seller to offer financing directly to the buyer, all made possible through an AI powered software platform that is integrated through the site itself.

Not only does this increase customer confidence in the sale, but overall customer satisfaction as well. This technology is enabled through loan origination software that builds out a loan based on a variety of factors, allowing for this “consumer-to-consumer” transaction to occur.

Conversation with Inovatec Founder & CTO Vladimir Kovacevic

To talk with us about all this we welcome Inovatec Founder & CTO Valdimir Kovacevic this week as our Special Guest on the Mobility Tech & Connectivity Show. Kovacevic was a software and network engineer with Eastman Kodak from 2002 to 2006 before forming Inovatec in 2006. Kovacevic joins us to talk about how his company is evolving today’s lending technology, and recent partnerships with Carfax, Inverite, and ZestFinance.

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