Infiniti Gives Voice to Customers

According to a recent Nissan press release, Infiniti is now the first automaker offering customer reviews on its website, establishing the automakers foothold in the social internet world.  Already active on Facebook, Infiniti is joining a growing trend in the automotive industry towards social media marketing.

Acknowledging the consumer’s need to be well informed about their vehicle purchasing decisions, Infiniti has taken this ground-breaking step with the hopes of creating better-informed Infiniti buyers.

The vehicle reviews are available at, which already has about 900 reviews on 7 different vehicles and is eagerly awaiting more.  According to Ben Poore, vice president, Infiniti Business Unit, “The Infiniti ownership experience extends well beyond the driving experience of our owners and into their lifestyle, which includes peer-to-peer and social media channels.  Providing the forum for Infiniti owners to share their experience with others who are researching and considering an Infiniti is a natural extension for us of the total ownership experience. And, we know our current owners are our best advocates.”

This latest automotive industry news demonstrates Infiniti’s confidence in the quality of their vehicles and their commitment to reaching out to the existing and future customers.  Hopefully, consumer transparency will be a continuing trend amongst automakers.

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