Walmart To Start Selling Cars, Airbus to test flying car, and more…

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Airbus intends to test flying car before the end of the year (Digital Trends)

Cities are growing worldwide and traffic as we know it will only get worse. Airbus Group’s urban air mobility division predicts that by 2030, 60 percent of the population will live in cities, up from 50 percent today. The aircraft giant, second in size only to Boeing, is developing three separate solutions to urban congestion and they all look to the skies. Airbus is working on a single-passenger vehicle, package delivery drones, and autonomous buses.

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Walmart To Start Selling Cars At Dozens Of Stores (Consumerist)

Automotive News reports that Walmart has partnered with AutoNation and CarSaver to create an online auto retail platform that will begin selling vehicles to customers at 25 of the big box retailer’s locations starting in April.

Through the program, CarSaver will be available at select stores in Houston, Dallas, Phoenix, and Oklahoma City this spring, offering customers a one-stop shop for car buying and financing.

Customers will first make their interest in a new or used vehicles known either by directly speaking to a rep at the Walmart-based kiosks, online, or by calling an 800 number.

After that, CarSaver will connect the customer with an AutoNation or other dealer within 15 miles of the Walmart store. The dealer will schedule an appointment with the would-be buyer to complete the car-purchasing process.

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Every vehicle used by the US Marine Corps (Business Insider)

Mission: The MATV is a smaller and more nimble vehicle built to replace the MRAP for certain missions. The MATV is off road vehicle of choice for the Marines. Able to operate successfully in a range of environments, the vehicle is used for command and control, transport, armament carrier, ambulance, and for towing weapons.

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Swiss unveil a plane that can reach the edge of space using only solar power (Digital Trends)

Now that a solar-powered plane has successfully made its way around the globe, Swiss engineering firm SolarStratos wants to take things to the next level. Sometime in the next couple years, the company wants to use solar power to take you to the edge of space.

The SolarStratos team expects the commercial, two-seater plane to hit the skies in 2018 without the use of “large quantities of energy or helium” it’d usually take to reach space.

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