Expected Changes In Automotive Technology

future automobile technologyAs the 21st century gets underway, auto industry experts are expecting major improvements to automotive technology. As hybrid and electric vehicle technology takes off and third world markets start to grow, some of these changes could be a big surprise.

Here’s a quick look at what we might expect in the global automotive industry over the next decade.

  • Emergency steer assist – Designed to work with your emergency braking system, ESA will “suggest” the proper steering motion for your situation.
  • Active force feedback pedal – This technology is designed to alert when to upshift or downshift or assess traffic conditions and discourage acceleration when it could be dangerous.
  • AutoLinQ – Continental is introducing an Android-based dashboard app that will read your e-mail and RSS feeds aloud for you.
  • Intelligent tire system/Fill Assist – Better and lighter than current tire pressure monitoring systems, this one is mounted on your inner tire tread.
  • Custom LCD displays – This dashboard system will allow you to switch between Eco Mode, Sport Mode, and Comfort Mode, showing the dashboard metrics that are important to you based on how you are driving at the time.

We live in exciting times. The automotive industry reflects the epoch and the future is looking brighter every day. Expect some great new technologies in the automobile industry over the next ten years.