Find The Best Values On 2012 Model Vehicles

new car values 2012Higher fuel prices are driving consumers to smaller cars. That’s what Kiplinger says in a special report to help consumers find the best values on 2012 model vehicles.

So what’s the conclusion concerning buying habits this year? In short, it’s all about improved technology, smaller vehicles, and better gas mileage. But finding the best value in new vehicles is a bit challenging for some consumers so here are a few tips to help you with your auto shopping this year.

The following added features are great value-adds for a vehicle of any size, but this year automakers are putting them into smaller economy vehicles.

  • Bluetooth
  • USB connections
  • Extra airbags
  • Sleek new designs

Rising in popularity in 2012 include vehicles with alternative powertrains and turbocharged gas engines. These include hybrid and all-electric vehicles.

Automakers are expecting a 5% increase in fuel efficiency per year up to 2025. That should give auto consumers something to look forward to.

Even gas-powered vehicles are getting in on the added value trend. You can buy vehicles this year that utilize turbocharged engine technology, and it’s expected that by 2015 the total fleet of turbocharged vehicles in most automakers’ fleets will be 20%. Vehicles with turbocharged engines get up to 20% better fuel economy.

Other features that 2012 automakers are incorporating more and more are safety features such as stability control, which is pretty much standard across all vehicles now.

To learn more about how Kiplinger has ranked 2012 vehicles for value comparison, and to help you make your next vehicle purchase, check out Kiplinger’s value comparisons.