Americans Know More about Financial Crisis than Alternative Fuel

A recent survey conducted by Mercedes found that Americans are not confident when it comes to Alternative Fuel Vehicles (AFV).  The findings of the survey, conducted in July 2010, indicated that many Americans are holding off on purchasing new AFV vehicles because they are uncertain of which kind to purchase.

Surprisingly, more Americans claimed to have an understanding of the financial crisis than an understanding of AFVs, such as hybrids, diesels, and electrics.  According to the survey, 48% of adults are interested in purchasing an AFV but do not know what type to get, and 35% of Americans claim to know which vehicles are best for certain driving situations, such as city and highway driving.  71% of Americans are uncertain about their knowledge of alternative fuel.

According to Sascha Simon, head of advanced product planning at Mercedes-Benz USA, “The end game is zero-emissions driving that doesn’t simply transfer the problem.  And, while that is still in the future, each alternative fuel vehicle we introduce is a step in that direction, providing key findings and helping acclimate consumers to new technology.  Our goal at Mercedes-Benz is to provide a portfolio of options for our customers so they can choose the vehicle that best suits their lifestyle and to further the understanding and, ultimately, the adoption rate for these new technologies.”

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