Lexus Hoverboard Brings the Future Back to Skaters

The concept for a hoverboard has been around for a few decades. Since we watched the beginning of Back to The Future II, we’ve been enamored by the possibilities of a high tech skateboard that could literally hover over the ground. Well, it turns out Lexus has created their own spin-off of the idea, leaving tech-geeks the world over drooling over their design.

The Lexus hoverboard is not quite so different from traditional skateboards in that it does use hover-shreds that have metal underneath allowing skaters to attach down rails and to do tricks any way they wish. Where it does differ, it differs greatly. Relying on magnets and superconductors to create the lift you see, the hoverboard is truly the first prototype of its own genre. The board also utilizes liquid nitrogen to cool the semiconductors to a cool -321 degrees Fahrenheit, allowing them to become actual semi-conductors. This culminates into super cool hover capabilities that have us all so excited.

Of course, the Lexus hoverboard is still a long ways off from long-term use. At this point, it is little more than a half-hover board and is incredibly difficult to ride, but it is nonetheless exciting to those who look forward to the future and all it’s possibilities.

You can check out video of the hoverboard in action here, or hop on over to Jalopnik:


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