Family RV Camping: Bond with Your Loved Ones in New and Exciting Way 

Family bonding is becoming increasingly difficult in the era of technology. Digital distractions often interfere with family time, lessening its quality and impacting our family relationships. Going on a camping trip somewhere away from all the hustle and bustle of the city seems like a logical solution to the problem.

Plus, given the current situation with COVID-19 pandemic, heading for an RV trip seems to be one of the safest options for vacationing with your family members and spending some quality time with them. Below, a couple of tips for turning your RV camping trip into an unforgettable family bonding experience.

Family RV Camping

Why go camping with your family?

While there may be a lot of different activities you can enjoy with your family, many of them can be quite passive. Sure, traveling for a vacation is a great way to relax and unwind, but most of the time you’ll be lying around without really being active.

Camping, on the other hand, is all about enjoying activities that promote family bonding. Camping is something everyone can enjoy, not just kids or parents. It’s fun, it’s interactive, and teaches us the importance of cooperation and teamwork (e.g. cooking up a meal or building a campfire). Most importantly, camping requires you to get outdoors and away from all the distractions like the TV, phones, and computers, and find new ways to have fun and connect with your family. Before you go, you’ve got to make sure you’ve got everything you need. That leads us to our next tip…

Pack all the essentials for a family camping trip

Preparing for a camping trip with your family requires good organization as well as nifty packing skills. Think about the location and check the weather forecast so you have an idea of what to bring. Be sure to pack all the extras that your kids can’t do without, and try to keep your clothes and shoes to a minimum. The rule of thumb is to go for items that are versatile and can serve several purposes. Prepare your camping gear and pack all the food you’ll need depending on how long you plan on staying.

Before you head for your RV trip, it’s a good idea to get caravan privacy screens – they can come in pretty handy when you want to catch a break during the trip and protect yourself from the sun. Now that you’ve got all the essentials packed, you’re almost ready to spend some quality family time!

Bring a couple of luxuries on the road

No one said that you have to be completely cut off from civilization when you go on an RV camping trip. When heading somewhere far away from your home, it pays to bring a couple of luxuries with you.

Whether it’s your favorite electronics, outdoor entertainment equipment, or a couple of luxury Furrion add-ons and accessories, it’s pieces like these that can elevate your camping experience and make your camper or RV feel like an expensive hotel. You can have a fun movie night outside using a weather-resistant outdoor TV or rely on soundbars and portable Bluetooth speakers to create an amazing audio experience while enjoying the great outdoors — the choice is yours.

Use this opportunity to be your kids’ teacher

Listening to a teacher talking about nature might not be the most exciting way for kids to learn about the world around them, but going camping and seeing everything up close certainly is. What’s more, parents can now take on the role of a teacher and explain everything their kids are curious about.

Whether it’s the different animal species that live in the forest or making a fire on your own, you can be the cool teacher and teach your children everything there is to know about basic camping skills. Plus, learning about new and interesting things will help your children bond with you without them even realizing it.

Play some fun games

Because you’ll be spending a lot of time in your RV, you’ll have to find a way to have fun without relying on conventional sources. Bring a ball you can use to play soccer or volleyball, and create teams to make it more interesting. Go scavenger hunting and see who can cross off everything from their list first.

Be sure to bring some board games and cards for your family to play in the evening – they’re sure to bring out a competitive spirit in everyone, and they’re the perfect way to wrap up a day filled with activities.

Prepare food together

Cooking in a campsite kitchen is even more fun when you’ve got some help from your kids. Prepping food together with your little ones is a great way to teach them a thing or two about cooking and simultaneously bond with them.

Show them some new cooking techniques, and teach them which tools can be used for preparing different foods. Depending on their age, you can let them know what is the best way to cook over a campfire, or how to build one by themselves. Remember that safety should come first, and sticking with a couple of safety precautions will ensure that you and your family stay safe while camping in the wilderness.

Family RV Camping

Don’t forget to capture precious family moments

Children grow up so fast, so it’s important to capture family moments whenever we can. Bring a tripod and a camera you can set up on your campsite and enjoy taking fun and crazy snaps with your spouse and kids.

You can also bring a cheap and disposable camera and give it to your kids to capture some of their own photos. Give them the freedom to take pictures of whatever seems interesting to them and see how their mind works. Later, you can have those pictures developed and save them as a reminder of the fun you had on your RV trip.

Family camping can be a lot of fun, and it’s also a great way to reconnect and bond with your loved ones. Therefore, pack your bags, bring your essentials, and enjoy an adventure-packed RV family trip you’re sure to remember for years to come!