Electric Surfboards Make Riding Waveless Waters a Thrill

Aquila electric surfboard

Who says you have to be near the ocean to surf? Thanks to amazing new technology, you don’t have to be!

The electric surfboard lets you glide across a flat surface of any body of water without the aid of a speedboat or other larger motorized vehicle. Advances in battery and engine technology have made it possible to literally create a jet surfboard, and we must admit, it generates quite the thrill.

Driven by ever-powerful jet propulsion technology, the board can reach up to 32 mph with amazing accuracy all the while keeping you upright. You can see it in motion for yourself here (embed link). A rechargeable battery pack makes it easy to keep the fun rolling, while a manual control gives you total control of the jet surfboard once you hit the water.

No wind, no waves and nothing but power is underneath you as your ride this incredible feat of engineering across any body of water you choose. From lakes to rivers to low-tide oceans, surfers now have their pick of where to relish in their favorite sport no matter how far they might be from the ocean.
While this exciting new electric surfboard might not offer the same thrills as catching a wave in Hawaii, it does offer fun and excitement all the same. Traditionalist don’t know what they are missing.


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