sCarabane Transforming Trailer Offers Self-Sufficient Glamping in Style

Glamping with the sCarabane

If the rise of ‘Glamping‘ is any indication, luxury is fast becoming the new normal. As people look for ways to connect with nature without giving up their creature comforts, a whole new generation of camping utilities, tools and toys have been developed.

On the horizon of these newest developments is the sCarabane, a completely self-sufficient caravan that delivers home-style comfort and vagabond flexibility. The camper of the future boasts.

The sCarabane features

  • 140 square-foot foldout deck
  • 30-minute set-up time
  • built-in vertical access wind turbine and solar panel
  • a parabolic mirror that collects thermal energy
  • heated water for the shower and kitchen sink
  • a specially designed ring that can automatically rotate the camper 360 degrees (this allows campers to maximize exposure to the sun as needed)

The final challenges

Launched in 2013, the sCarabane was initially supported by Fillon Technology in France and has since been joined by Green Cat Technologies. The sCarabane remains futuristic in every sense of the word. With no definitive launch date, the company is still working on resolving some challenges (such as cooking fuel and filtering fresh water) as well as securing funding they need in order to finally complete the project.

Still, with a goal of a completely self-sufficient camper, many believe it’s only a matter of time before the sCarabane becomes the newest “must have”camping accessory.

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