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Enterprise to Offer Chevy Volt Rentals

Tweet Enterprise announced last week that it will be featuring Chevy Volts in its line of rental vehicles.  Hoping to entice buyers interested in the new Volt and electric vehicle (EV) technology, Enterprise Rent-A-Car will…

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Does Gender Affect Vehicle Pricing?

Tweet A recent study by Carwoo has shed some light on the notion that men and women are treated differently on price when buying a car. The study showed that there is only slight difference…

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Peuget’s New Electric Concept Car

Tweet Peuget’s new electric concept car, the Aureon, is the latest in a line of futuristic vehicles to reveal themselves to the automotive industry.  The Aureon is a three-wheeled vehicle with a large see-through body…

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Kelly Blue Book Goes Mobile

Tweet Kelly Blue Book, a provider of used and new vehicle information and values, has announced a new Windows 7 application offering car buying and selling information to consumers.  The new application is free of…

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Electric Vehicles Are Hot

Tweet According to a recent Kelly Blue Book report, electric vehicles are rising dramatically in popularity as release dates and sales for electric vehicles such as the Nissan LEAF and the Chevy Volt near.  For…

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GE Commits to 25,000 Electric Vehicles

Tweet With a 25,000 electric vehicle commitment over the next 5 years, GE exhibits its commitment to the future of the electric automobile.  This new commitment will replace half of GEs entire fleet with electric…