WED MAY 6. Five Ways Level 5 Autonomy Will Transform Society. Live Interview & Mastermind

Suzanne Deffree on the Mobility Tech & Connectivity Show

Companies such as Tesla, Ford, Toyota, Uber, Volvo, and others have been working hard to reach the ultimate goal of Level 5 autonomous vehicle operation, in which vehicles are completely self-driving and able to handle any road condition, type of weather, and unbound to geo-fenced locations. As self-driving cars are close to becoming a reality, it’s important we consider the societal impacts of fully autonomous systems operating on our streets.

Suzanne Deffree, brand director of the upcoming Drive World Conference & Expo (Drive World) believes there are five major ways level 5 autonomy will transform our society, including:

  1. Revisions to our current insurance system
  2. City infrastructure will change
  3. The replacement of personal vehicles to ride sharing
  4. Stricter pedestrian regulations
  5. Restructure of aviation industry

Conversation with Suzanne Deffree, Brand Director of Intelligent Systems and Design

Joining us this week on the Mobility Tech & Connectivity Show to help kick off Season 7 is Suzanne Deffree. Tasked with growth and strategy for events including Drive World, DesignCon, ESC, Design & Manufacturing, and Design News at Informa Market’s Advanced Manufacturing Group, Suzanne is an industry thought-leader, representing brands publicly, building, cultivating, and sustaining communities that extend an audience’s involvement and that present a brand as an industry source.

The Mobility Tech & Connectivity Show

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Mobility & Transportation Mastermind

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Mobility Transportation Mastermind

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In the News…

Official Coronavirus updates…

COVID-19 Antibody Testing

The actual number of infections from COVID-19 in Los Angeles County may be as high as 55 times the current number of confirmed positive cases, according to preliminary results from antibody tests conducted as part of a joint venture between the University of Southern California and the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health.

After testing nearly 900 people, researchers estimate that as many as 442,000 people throughout the county of nearly eight million adults had the virus as of April 9. That’s just 5.6% of the population.

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Phone Tracking Spreads with Virus

As the coronavirus rapidly spread around the world, so did cell phone tracking. In just months, The Washington Post reports tens of millions of people were placed under surveillance by governments, companies and researchers to track their health and habits, often without their consent. The Post says monitoring has raised fewer objections in countries that have made more headway, like Singapore, while it has sparked heated debate in Europe and the U.S. The Pew Research Center found most Americans don’t think the surveillance will make a dent in the coronavirus fight, and are split on whether it’s acceptable.

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Volkswagen Autonomy opens in Silicon Valley to help bring autonomous vehicles to market

Back in January, Volkswagen created a subsidiary called Volkswagen Autonomy and announced it was opening a new center in California. At the time VW had a location in Germany with plans to add another in China to give it a global footprint. The California office’s focus will be on autonomous vehicle research and development, naturally and it will hire 50 to 100 experts in Systems Engineering and Architecture this year.

The first vehicle to get Level 4 autonomy will be the I.D. BUZZ, a 3-row, electric van, which should happen sometime around 2025. Volkswagen picked the I.D. BUZZ because it can be converted into a commercial vehicle and the company thinks it can get greater economies of scale in the commercial sector.

But Level 4 autonomy may be as good as it gets for Volkswagen. The CEO of Volkswagen Autonomy says that Level 5 is like going to Mars and it may never happen.

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Toyota Talk Autonomous Cars

Toyota talks autonomous cars on Autoline TV After Hours with Dr. Ryan Eustice, Senior VP, Automated Driving, Toyota Research Institute

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