Consumer Focused Automotive Websites and Are Spotify Employees Going to Strike Over Joe Rogan? [VIDEO]

Micah Birkholz on the Mobility Tech & Connectivity Show

The much-anticipated Presidential Debate of 2020 between former Vice President Joe Biden and incumbent Donald J. Trump is set to occur Tuesday September 29th. Whether or not the former Vice President will actually show up is one question. And assuming he does, will he be able to hold his own against the bullish Trump?

Some believe that if Biden can’t pull his weight against Trump, let alone win the debate, then the debate itself could pre-determine the outcome of the election.

But what exactly does this election mean for the automotive and transportation industries? Will these industries remain strong under a Biden-Harris Presidency that would favor international players and massive government involvement and oversight? Or are these industries better served under the current Trump Administration?

And what is going on over at Spotify?

Back in May we reported that Joe Rogan and Spotify had agreed on a deal to move the Joe Rogan Experience exclusively to Spotify. Shortly after that upon moving the JRE episodes over to Spotify it was revealed that several episodes featuring controversial conservative guests such as Alex Jones.

And now there is talk of an employee strike over Spotify employees gaining “complete” editorial control not only over Rogan’s previously published work, but moving forward and on determining future guests.

Is this for real?

This week on the Mobility Tech & Connectivity Show we speculate about such things, taking a close look at the impact the ensuing national election could have on the automotive and transportation industries, and we will revisit the topic of censorship in big tech and big media.

We will also provide an update on President Trump’s attempt to ban TikTok in the US.

The Mobility Tech & Connectivity Show

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Part I. Industry News

Automotive Consumer Experience Discussion Panel

Part II. Automotive Consumer Experience Discussion Panel

For our Automotive panel this week, the theme is – Automotive Consumer Experience and we will be talking about consumer-facing websites and the role that third-party sites play in the consumer experience.

Our key panelist is automotive veteran Micah Birkholz from Vistadash who has served in the auto industry since 1997. Birkholz’s keen understanding of auto retail and the consumer experience are sure to enlighten and help gain perspective in this complex subject matter.

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In the News…

CarEdge launches consumer-focused website offering vehicle research, listings

A new player is entering the vehicle-listings market, with plans to send no-cost customer leads to dealerships and help car shoppers understand vehicles’ resale values.

CarEdge, which formally launched this year, intends to offer consumers data about vehicle depreciation, including rankings and model comparisons, Scott Baker, the company’s president, told Automotive News. The site will combine its vehicle research with active listings, and Baker said CarEdge will send customer leads generated from those listings to dealerships for free. Those leads are being distributed beginning this week.

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Judge Temporarily Blocks Trump’s TikTok Ban

In an emergency hearing over the weekend, U.S. District Judge Carl Nichols partially granted a preliminary injunction, declining “at this time” to block restrictions set to take effect in mid-November.

TikTok owner ByteDance has been looking to sell the popular video-sharing app since President Trump threatened a nationwide embargo, citing concerns about a Chinese-based company having access to US user data. In an effort to save the popular platform from sudden death, Oracle recently stepped in to acquire a 12.5 percent stake in TikTok Global, with plans to run the social network on Oracle Cloud.

TikTok is also working on a commercial partnership with Walmart, which tentatively agreed to purchase 7.5 percent of TikTok Global, with Walmart CEO Doug McMillon serving as one of its five board members.

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89-year-old pizza delivery driver gets surprise tip, becomes ‘TikTok famous’

An 89-year-old Weber County man has become “TikTok famous” after a family gave a big tip for pizza delivery

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Maryland Bans Foam Carry-out Containers

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to shift much restaurant dining from eat-in to takeout, Maryland next week becomes the first state in the nation to ban the familiar foam containers used to carry home everything from crab cakes to curries.

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Brain-eating amoeba on the loose in Texas water supply

boil advisory was in effect for a Texas city after earlier this month 6-year-old Josiah McIntyre died after contracting Naegleria fowleri.

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