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Ryan Baptiste on the Mobility Tech & Connectivity Show

It’s been nearly a month since our last live show. During this time the world’s chip shortage has continued to affect the manufacture of new vehicles, causing a ripple effect on supply and demand for cars and trucks. Multiple automakers have announced partnerships with companies around battery and charging technologies. And Tesla began accepting Bitcoin for payment of its vehicles.

Speaking of Bitcoin, in our previous show we brought up the idea of NFTs, or non-fungible tokens on blockchain playing a role in the future of car buying (ownership really). This was just prior to Tesla CEO Elon Musk announcing that the car company would soon be accepting Bitcoin as payment.

Does Bitcoin (or cryptocurrency for that matter) actually have a play in automotive?

While some might say no, all signs point to the idea that yes, yes they do. And so for this week’s show we are pleased to welcome a crypto aficionado to help enlighten us on the subject of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Conversation with Bitcoin Counterparty Engineer Ryan Baptiste

The idea that the internet is “broken” is like a rubber band ball waiting to be bounced and unwound. But the premise of the idea is that the information we share on the internet has no value attached.

As an example, “fake news” is spiraling out of control because there is no central warning system across the internet for URLs.

XProtectX, Baptiste’s company, has developed an open source immutable public database hosted on the Bitcoin Network for every URL and alphanumeric on Earth. Now every URL or alphabetic/numeric combination has its own unique Bitcoin Address with no known key.

When Bitcoin or data (Counterparty Tokens) is sent to a URL or alphanumeric Bitcoin Address, the value and data remains secure and public for as long as the Bitcoin Network exists. Since Bitcoin is the world’s most secure computer network, all Bitcoin and data sent is the most secure and transparent value and data in the world.

The possibilities for using this technology are endless and we will attempt to parlay this into the mobility and transportation space this week on the show with Ryan Baptiste who recently launched his new initiative University of Counterparty.

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Panel Discussion – Google’s Shift Away from 3rd Party Cookies

Audio Video ProsOur panel discussion this week begins with a look at Auto Yap’s animated talking avatar video shorts led my artist Mike Browne. Many auto retailers struggle to find hassle-free and affordable ways to create and produce memorable, effective videos for the dealership. Auto Yap sets out to solve that.

Auto Sales Pros

We also plan to address what Google’s shift away from third-party cookies means for advertisers and consumers, and how that might affect auto shoppers in the market for a new vehicle. This discussion was led by Russell Gentry from M1 Data & Analytics.

In the News…

You Can Now Use Bitcoin to Buy a Tesla

Bitcoin fans looking for ways to spend their cryptocurrency fortunes can add a big ticket item to the list: a Tesla.
Bitcoin paid to Tesla will not be converted by the electric car company into regular currency, Musk said. He said that the option to pay by bitcoin will be available outside the United States later this year.

The price of a single bitcoin climbed nearly 3% to hit $56,242 shortly after Musk’s tweet — more than enough to buy an entry level Tesla Model 3, which costs just under $40,000. Tesla’s most expensive vehicle, the Model X Plaid, starts at around $120,000 — slightly more than two bitcoin.

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Hyundai Plans Car-Subscription Program Rollout in Europe

Hyundai will introduce a car subscription service in Spain and a separate car-sharing scheme in rural regions of the country. The Moceancar subscription service will be a variant of Mocean, a short-term rental plan the South Korean automaker launched in Los Angeles in November 2019. It will rent out cars for six-month periods, after which the client may choose a new car and renew the service for another six months or return the vehicle and cancel the contract.

The entire process will be conducted digitally, with Hyundai dealers taking care of delivery, pickup and maintenance of the vehicles. The automaker also will provide financing. The Moceancar subscription system will be tested in Barcelona and later in Madrid before being exported to the rest of Europe.

Hyundai officials deny the subscription system will cannibalize traditional multiyear leasing, saying the needs that motivate one or another alternative are different. They also note leasing doesn’t offer the flexibility of being able to change vehicles.

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GM Announces Partnership with Lithium Metal Battery Startup

General Motors announced a partnership with a lithium metal battery startup to boost the U.S. automaker’s battery development, allowing for higher electric vehicle driving range in a smaller package.

The joint development agreement with SolidEnergy Solutions (SES) of Woburn, Massachusetts, will allow GM to cut weight from the vehicle, a key goal for automakers as they push to roll out electric vehicles. GM has said by mid-decade its Ultium battery packs are projected to cost 60% less than today’s packs with twice the energy density.

GM executives said the technology being developed with SES will be used in future Ultium-based vehicles, the first of which go on sale this fall with the launch of the GMC Hummer electric pickup truck.

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Toyota Team Up With Isuzu And Hino To Develop EV And Connectivity Technologies and Streamline Logistics

Not since Nissan, Renault and Mitsubishi bosses assembled on stage in 2016 to announce their new expanded alliance have we seen such a gathering a excessive powered captains of trade come collectively in Japan to announce a brand new collaboration
CEOs from Toyota and truck makers Isuzu and Hino introduced they’re establishing a partnership in business automobiles to collaborate in electrical, fuel-cell, linked and autonomous driving applied sciences. Hino is Toyota’s truck division and has been Isuzu’s rival for many years.

In line with the announcement, Toyota and truckmaker Isuzu will every take a 4.6% stake in one another. On information of the 3-way team-up, Isuzu’s inventory worth soared 8% whereas Hino’s rose by 4.7%.

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VW and BP Join Forces to Boost Ultra-fast EV Charging Across Europe

Volkswagen and bp said they intend to work together on extending and speeding up the deployment of ultra-fast electric vehicle charging facilities at bp retail sites across the UK, Germany and elsewhere in Europe.

This would be expected to give EV drivers greater confidence in being able to access nearby, reliable, quality charging options. bp estimates approximately 90% of people in the UK and Germany live within a 20-minute drive of a bp or Aral site.

The agreement would also make bp the Volkswagen Group’s EV charging partner, with bp’s charging network being integrated into VW Group vehicles to make finding and paying for charging fast and simple for their EV customers. The network would also be available for other EV customers as part of the bp pulse network.

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