LIVE WED AUG 12. Apple Vertical Cinema and SMS Marketing in Auto Retail

Bitesize CEO Jess Lee on the Mobility Tech & Connectivity Show

Summer’s end is on the horizon and as much as most of us would like some clarity on what’s to come, clarity unfortunately doesn’t even seem to be a bargaining chip right now. Insurrection has turned into violence and rioting in Portland and Seattle and now Chicago, among other cities. And crimes of all sorts have increased significantly in New York City.

But how is the car business? The mobility business? The TRANSPORTATION business?

This week on the Mobility Tech & Connectivity Show, we will discuss the current state of affairs in the US like we normally do, with an added update on college and professional sports. And more importantly how all of this is faring for the automotive, mobility, and transportation industries.


Conversation with Bitesize CEO Jess Lee – Text Message (SMS) Marketing in Auto Retail

Our Special Guest for the day is Jess Lee from Bitesize. Lee joins us to talk about SMS Marketing and AI, and how her company not only enables dealers to engage with customers via text messaging, but accelerates it. SMS for automotive retailers is not necessarily a new form of communication, but it is of growing importance.

Advanced Auto Retail Marketing Panel Discussion

For the second half of the show we have our Auto Retail Marketing panel. This week’s theme – Advanced Auto Retail. We will carry on the discussion of SMS in Auto Retail, but then expand into other important areas such as the fate of cars and whether or not New Yorkers should heed May de Blasio’s call to not buy cars. Register here to be part of the live discussion.

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Official Coronavirus updates, plus…

Apple Vertical Cinema

A journey through cinema history is reimagined for the vertical screen in Damien Chazelle’s “The Stunt Double,” a short film Shot on iPhone 11 Pro.

Watch as classic genres are flipped on their side, from action movies to silent films, spy flicks to westerns, reframing and modernizing the movie magic we know and love.

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SMS Marketing in Auto Retail

Opt-in messages you can use to get maximize conversion

Texting old unsold leads

  • Here are 10 recommended messages you can text to your last 3 months of unsold leads if your store is continuing to sell remotely.

Twitter Conversations – Choose who can reply to your Tweet

New feature on Twitter gives Twitter users more control over who is able to respond to an individual post.

When you start a new Tweet, you can choose who will be able to reply to it. You’ll see a default setting of Everyone can reply next to a globe icon in the compose Tweet box. Clicking or tapping this prior to posting your Tweet allows you to choose who can reply to you:

  1. From or the Twitter for iOS or Android app, tap on the compose Tweet button.
  2. Click or tap Everyone can reply next to the globe icon to choose who can reply to your Tweet.
    1. Everyone — this is the current default option. For public accounts, it means that everyone will continue to be able to reply. If your Tweets are protected, it means only people who follow you will continue to be able to reply.
    2. People you follow — only people who you follow, as well as anyone you mention in the Tweet, will be able to reply.
    3. Only people you mention — only people who you mention in the Tweet will be able to reply.

There are a few things to note about this new feature, which you can learn more about in this post.

In the News…

Joe Biden selects Senator Kamala Harris to be his vice presidential running mate

Democratic Presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden announced yesterday that Senator Kamala Harris from California will be his running mate. Harris is now the first African-American female to appear on the presidential ticket, and Asian-American, as well.

Biden on Twitter called Harris “a fearless fighter for the little guy, and one of the country’s finest public servants.” Harris wrote on Twitter that Biden could “unify the American people because he’s spent his life fighting for us.”

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Mayor Tells New Yorkers Not to Buy Cars

Mayor Bill de Blasio told New Yorkers Thursday they don’t need to buy a new car.

“The future of New York City is less about the car,” de Blasio said. “I’m never going to own a car again.”
De Blasio — who is chauffeured around New York City in a tax dollar-funded SUV — advised New Yorkers Thursday not to fear the subways amid the global novel coronavirus pandemic.

“My advice to New Yorkers is, ‘Do not buy a car,” de Blasio said. “Cars are the past, the future is going to be mass transit, biking, walking.”

This advice comes as the MTA faces a $16 billion deficit and the city gears up for what former Health Commissioner Oxiris Barbot dubbed this week, “an inevitable second wave.”

“I just think cars don’t make sense with all the other options,” de Blasio said.

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Chicago to use social media to track tourists violating quarantine; city dismisses comparison to ‘Big Brother’

Chicago is doubling down on efforts to enforce its emergency coronavirus travel order, as officials will now be reviewing the social media posts of possible violators as the pandemic continues.

Public health authorities shared the update during a news conference earlier this week, revealing that officials may check the social feeds of suspected offenders to collect evidence for a possible citation, according to USA Today. The outlet reports that suspected violators will be identified as such through “contact tracing or other measures.”

The city’s emergency travel order took effect on July 6, mandating that those who arrive from states with surges in COVID-19 cases quarantine for a 14-day period upon arrival.

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