LIVE JAN 11. Look Back. Look Up. Look Ahead for AutoConverse in 2023

MTC Show - Look Back. Look Up. Look Ahead.

A Look Back

Last year we began introducing blockchain technologies such as cryptocurrency to our coverage. Four of our 12 monthly shows had blockchain or crypto in the title, but every month we covered at least one or more related stories, with the FTX implosion at the climax in November. We also kept a steady focus on the new and used car markets and the evolution of BEV, or battery electric vehicle technology and innovation. And towards the end of the year we began cracking the door on energy and sustainability.

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A Look Up

As we take a step back to evaluate, and look up to see the larger picture of how we are connected and the way we get around, we must first express our gratitude for your viewership and listenership. Our YouTube channel is used primarily for recording purposes via the live monthly streams, but we also publish occasional video shorts, as well. As a result, we do not push the channel heavily for live viewers and subscribers, because our focus is on the podcast, which garnered and average of more than 1,600 weekly downloads. The podcast does syndicate to YouTube and LinkedIn, but they do not appear to fetch the audience that the podcast does directly.

A Look Ahead

Looking ahead, we see a continued expanding focus on energy & sustainability as well as blockchain technologies. This will include scrutiny and oversight on things such as ESG, or environmental social governance policy among global corporations. The vehicle markets will remain a constant focus with continued emphasis on BEV innovations, plus other fuel alternatives such as hydrogen fuel cell, or FCV. This is the cornerstone of the impact that the power shift with energy plays. We also see a more assertive push back against the rhetoric and propaganda of a climate crisis, while careful not to be confused with the importance of environmentally sound technology and policy.

Our editorial formula for the year will consist of bi-weekly live shows on our YouTube channel, which will be trimmed and cleaned for the podcast. Similar to what we did in 2022 but with twice the volume of live shows and less post-production of the podcast. The live shows will continue to be Unlisted after they air, and the cleaned up podcast versions will continue to be syndicated to the channel for public consumption. Subscribing to our YouTube channel will be the best way to access both, however subscribing and listening to the official podcast with your preferred podcasting app will give you more control and options over the podcast listening experience.

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