🎙 How AI is changing Auto Shopping, Financing, and Insurance

As technology continues to evolve at an exponential rate, artificial intelligence and robotics are beginning to revolutionize almost all aspects of life. This includes the way we purchase, own, and operate automobiles. At the forefront of this technological shift in auto shopping is a fast growing system driven by machine learning and artificial intelligence called AskOtto, which is being created by the startup InSearchX.

InSearchX has already made significant strides in leveraging AI for auto shopping by providing customers with a more efficient car buying experience that eliminates much of the traditional hassle associated with finding a vehicle that meets their needs. Additionally, they have developed advanced technologies for automating processes related to financing vehicles as well as obtaining insurance coverage on them – both areas where human intervention can often be time consuming or difficult to navigate through successfully without expert guidance.

This week on the MTC Show we will be joined by Eric Brown and John Moore who will discuss how InSearchX is changing the way people shop for cars while also improving customer satisfaction levels when it comes to purchasing new or used vehicles online or offline via dealerships across North America.. They’ll share insights into how AI-driven solutions are making automotive transactions faster than ever before while also helping consumers save money thanks to automated pricing algorithms based on real-time market data analysis tools which provide unprecedented transparency into what constitutes fair value when it comes time make decisions about buying cars outright versus leasing them over extended periods of time .

We invite you join us this week as we explore these exciting topics further with our special guests!

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Aired in January 2023

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