Changing Your Ford’s Headlights

Your Omaha Ford dealership knows that maintenance on your is one of your main concerns.

No matter what kind of vehicle you drive, from time to time you’re going to have a headlight burn out. You can have your mechanic replace your headlight, or you can save a few dollars and replace the headlight yourself. Here’s how to replace your own headlight:

Get Your new bulb. Ask the clerk at your local auto parts store, or look in the big guide usually located in the headlight aisle. Make sure to get the right bulb for your headlight, as they’re not universal.

  1. Open your hood, and locate the wires behind the headlight.
  2. On the back of the headlight is a screw cap. Turn this to release the bulb. In some cases, there may be a plastic lever that you’ll need to push down at the same time. Other vehicles have a metal clip, and you’ll give that a tug.
  3. Take out the bulb entirely. You may have to turn the bulb slightly.
  4. Open the new light bulb. Take care not to touch the glass of the bulb, as the oils on your skin can sometimes cause the bulb to burn out prematurely.
  5. Stick the bulb into the back of the headlight, until you can’t see the rubber bulb gasket any monger.
  6. Put it all back together and turn on your headlights, to make sure it works.

If you’re not comfortable changing your own headlight, visit your local Omaha Ford repair shop today. We’ll be happy to get your truck in top shape for you.