🎙 Automotive Concierge Services and the Pros and Cons of Residential Solar Power

Eric Brown and Steve Biggins on the MTC Show

Good news for holiday commuters: gas prices are now at their lowest level since July 2021. The national average for regular gasoline dropped to $3.14 a gallon on Monday, according to AAA, and some analysts predict it could fall below $3 by Christmas Eve. A gallon of gas is already below $3 in 21 states — including Ohio, Colorado and North Carolina — while pump prices in California have fallen from a record $6.44 in June to $4.38 today. The price drop is being driven by several factors, including weakening demand for oil and mounting fears of a global recession.

This is one of a handful of headlines and developments we will be touching this month in our next live episode of the MTC Show! This month, we are excited to have two very special guests joining us for our final episode of the year.

First up is Steve Biggins from Apricot Solar. He will be discussing the downfalls of residential solar and how you can avoid them when installing your own system. With his expertise in renewable energy, he’ll provide tips on how you can make sure that your home solar installation goes as smoothly as possible without any surprises along the way.

Next, we have Eric Brown from AskOtto joining us for a discussion about automated concierge services for auto shopping and related topics such as instant cash offers, auto finance quotes, auto insurance quotes and vehicle recall alerts. Eric will explain why these services are so beneficial for car buyers today who want to get all their information in one place quickly and easily before making a purchase decision or signing up with an insurer or lender.

We look forward to hearing both Steve’s insights into residential solar power systems plus Eric’s knowledge about automated concierge services – it promises to be an informative show! Tune in this coming Wednesday at Noon Central right here on our blog and YouTube channel where you will find all sorts of great content related to tech trends throughout each month!

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