What Are the Common Misconceptions of SR22 Insurance?

When it comes to SR22 insurance, there are a lot of misconceptions surrounding these policy’s usage and requirements. Most will not have exposure to drunk driving charges and thus will never learn about these types of insurance policies. Because of this, misconceptions surrounding this type of insurance continue to grow. Many ask, “What are the common misconceptions of SR22 insurance?” These are the common misconceptions you should know.

SR22 Insurance Is Additional Insurance

Because the title has insurance in it, many believe that SR22 insurance is another insurance policy you add to your current policy. This could not be further from the truth. In reality, SR22 insurance certifies that you meet the minimum auto insurance coverage required by your state. As such, it provides no extra coverage; instead, it ensures that your insurance policy is valid and can cover the minimum amount required.

SR22 Insurance Allows You To Drive Any Car

After getting their SR22 insurance certification, many will think that they can drive as if nothing ever happened. Unfortunately, this is also a false belief. SR22 insurance mandates that you cannot borrow a car that is not under your name—except in the cases where you also file for an owner-operator SR22 certificate. If you file for this certificate, you can drive a borrowed car, but keep in mind that this type of policy is a lot more expensive than the other types of SR22 policies.

FR44 Insurance and SR22 Insurance Are the Same Thing

When looking into what SR22 insurance certificates are, many will mistakenly deem them identical to FR44 insurance. However, FR44 insurance differs from SR22 insurance in that FR44 insurance requires you to buy additional liability insurance. Another major difference between these two policies is the areas where they are in effect. Right now, only Virginia and Florida utilize FR44 insurance policies, whereas SR22 policies are in effect in upwards of 40 states.

We hope that you have learned a bit more about the common misconceptions of SR22 insurance. If you are looking to purchase SR22 insurance, ensure that you first check with your existing insurance company. In some cases, they may do the filing for you, meaning that you could take out two different policies without knowing it!