PODCAST: Should You Be Using Video in Your Marketing Strategy?

Chris Leslie and Ryan Gerardi, AutoConverse

Here is your monthly installment of Chris K Leslie & Ryan Gerardi opining and analyzing on key conversations and developments in the auto and tech industries.

In this episode, we talk in depth about what it really takes for dealers to be effective with video in their marketing strategy, which begins about 21 minutes in. The conversation stemmed from a piece that Chris did last year on the NextUp blog titled, You Shouldn’t Be Using Video in Your Marketing Strategy.

In the post, Chris recognizes that Internet users love consuming video, but he argues that argues that “[R]egardless of how many workshops or sessions you have attended showing you the “why’s” and the “how’s” (of doing video) it still seems to be impossible to get your dealership to adopt a video strategy.”

The purpose of his post was to reinforce to why you SHOULDN’T do video, a point that I argue against in THIS podcast.

Other Topics of Conversation

As usual, we also get into other topics such Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Tesla production (or lack thereof), future road systems, Hyperloop, and more for about the first 20 minutes. The conversation was recorded July 5th so you will hear us open up about the 4th of July.

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In the podcast, I mention the Video Marketing for Auto Dealers Educational Webinar Series, which we introduced in June 2018 as a platform to provide ongoing educational material to assist dealers with video in their marketing strategy. Be sure to subscribe to this free recurring webinar series for access to all recordings released as part of this series, and to reserve your seat on future sessions.

As for the podcast, look for the episodes titled, ‘Chris & Ryan’ on the AutoConverse Podcast.

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About the Author

Ryan Jeffrey Gerardi
Ryan Jeffrey Gerardi is Chief Editor of AutoConverse Magazine and Executive Producer and Host of the AutoConverse Podcast and Live Weekly Webcast called the Mobility Tech & Connectivity Show, or MTC Show. He is also Founder & President of AutoConversion with nearly 20 years experience in the transportation space. Ryan concentrates his efforts today on exploring people, ideas, and technologies related to how we get around and how we are connected, being a father and studying Taoism and Wu Wei.