4 Ways To Prevent Your Service Truck from Rusting

Rusting occurs when iron oxide combines with water on the surface of your truck. Service trucks are manufactured to withstand the outdoor elements of your job site, but even the most advanced engineering cannot fully prevent your service truck from rusting. Road conditions often contribute to the corrosion of your truck and make the surface vulnerable to moisture that causes rust. It’s a challenge to remove rust after it forms, so it’s important to take specific measures, like applying protective coatings, to prevent it. Learn how to prevent your service truck from rusting and practice anti-rust maintenance to avoid surface corrosion that can impact your daily workload.

1. Proper Storage

Store your service truck in an enclosed area whenever possible. An enclosed space that’s temperature regulated, like a shed, barn, or garage, is ideal for protecting your truck from the elements. Keeping your service truck indoors also helps protect the paint layer from corrosion.

2. Routine Cleaning

Schedule routine cleanings for your service truck to remove debris, grime, and other external contaminants. Be sure to clean the undercarriage, wheel zones, and other vulnerable areas of your service truck. Routinely clear water and debris from the drain plugs to avoid moisture build-up.

3. Apply Undercoating

Manufacturers often apply a protective layer of sealant to the undercarriage of service vehicles. If your service truck doesn’t have an undercoating, consider applying a sealant yourself to keep the undercarriage in optimal condition. Another tip for protecting the undercarriage of your service truck is to avoid driving through large puddles and other bodies of water.

4. Make Necessary Repairs

Regular maintenance of any vehicle ensures the longevity and quality of it. Be sure to conduct regular inspections of your service truck to make necessary mechanical or external repairs as needed. Paint touch-ups are an easy way to manage surface rusting and inhibit severe corrosion. Maintaining your service truck is your best bet for preventing it from rusting and paying the price for extensive repairs over time.