Urbee: The First 3-D Printed Vehicle

Announcing its partnership with Kor Ecologic, Stratasys is set to create one of the world’s most fuel efficient vehicles.  The Urbee is the first vehicle ever to use entire body 3D printing technology by additive manufacturing process.  This process prints layers of material, which are placed on top of each other until the finished product is created.

Capable of 200mpg on highway and 100 mpg in the city, using gasoline or ethanol, the Urbee is a low-emission vehicle that can be charged overnight using a home electrical outlet, with low cost to your electric bill.

According to Jim Kor, president and chief technology officer at Kor Ecologic, “FDM lets us eliminate tooling, machining, and handwork, and it brings incredible efficiency when a design change is needed.  If you can get to a pilot run without any tooling, you have advantages.”

This low profile (only 40 inches tall) two-passenger hybrid vehicle is also easy to repair, inexpensive to maintain, and safe.  According to the Urbee website, ‘the vehicle will last for decades and be good for the environment.’  Designed to be sustainable, the Urbee uses so little energy that it can be charged by solar cells or wind energy collected from above a one-car garage.

The company is hopeful that the vehicle will be affordable, and according to Popular Mechanics it will run between $18,000 and $21,000

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