Toyota’s $20 Million Commitment to A Greener Future

Toyota automotive continues to support the green movement with a $20 million grant to the Audobon society.  This grant will be used to support the society, which is known for its nature centers and chapters and scientific, educational, and advocacy programs located throughout the country.  Beginning two years ago and lasting 5 years, the grant will this year allocate 1.08 million dollars for 43 projects located in 27 states.

After the first three years of the grant, Toyota has provided 3.5 million for the joint effort between Audobon and the automaker, known as TogetherGreen, and has sponsored over 130 projects.

According to David Yarnold of the Audobon society, “Each project represents an investment in our shared environment and future — and an opportunity for many of our nation’s most creative and dedicated individuals and communities to transform their dreams into effective conservation action…As our alliance with Toyota shows, when organizations work together, they can magnify conservation results.”

Toyota’s interest in the green movement began in 1998 with its release of the Prius hybrid, and they’ve remained active in the community by participating in projects such as the $20 million TogetherGreen project with the Audobon Society.  Many automakers are not only producing greener cars, but are investing in a greener world, a good sign that Toyota and other automakers are serious about creating cleaner-fuel vehicles.

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