Toyota / Tesla Unveil the RAV 4 Electric Vehicle

The latest automotive news reports that Toyota’s joint effort with Tesla has been unveiled at the 2010 LA Auto Show.  The new electric RAV 4 is the culmination of a 60 million dollar project utilizing Tesla battery and power technology to create the new electric vehicle (EV).  The EV RAV 4 is capable of traveling 100 miles on a single charge.

Toyota’s first attempt to electrify the RAV 4 came in 1997, but, due to limited consumer accessibility and the infancy of the electric movement, the vehicle did not catch on.  This second attempt has definite potential, especially with the increased interest of electric vehicles and the potentially worldwide effort to create EV charging stations.

Although the infrastructure for EVs does not yet exist, greater interest from automakers in EVs may help spur the EV recharging industry and, hopefully, result in the development of more charging stations.  However, concerns about the recharging process still exist, as it will take longer than simply filling a tank with gas, but a solution may have been found in battery exchanges, which may be an alternative to the average 4 hour charge time of most EVs.

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