Top 4 Advantages of a Turbocharged Engine

When drivers hear “turbo,” the thought of speed often comes to mind. Of course, this is true in turbocharged engines, but there are other benefits of a turbocharged engine. Not only will your vehicle go faster, but it’ll become more eco-friendly with one. If you’re thinking about turbocharging your engine, read the top four advantages of a turbocharged engine to consider.


You can put a turbocharged engine in various vehicles. Cars, trucks, buses, and ships are the most common, but people use them in other vehicles. The primary advantage of turbocharged engines is that drivers receive more power output than average engines. The versatility is just one of the great things to consider before turbocharging your vehicle.


Turbocharged engines are eco-friendly because they save fuel. Turbocharged engines burn fuel with more oxygen, meaning they burn more cleanly. The engine expels air to spin the compressor wheel. It then draws in outside air. This produces less air pollution, making turbochargers better for the environment. Many people make the switch to a turbocharged engine based on its environmentally friendly nature.

Small and Light

When switching to a turbocharged engine, drivers immediately notice how much smaller and lighter it is compared to the traditional vehicle engine. Since turbochargers allow a small engine to produce more power, manufacturers realized they could downsize engine arrangements. In general, a smaller engine has better gas mileage than a larger one, contributing to fuel savings. This brings us to the final point.

Great Fuel Efficiency

A turbocharged engine helps a vehicle get better gas mileage, and it’s more fuel efficient than a traditional engine. Drivers can expect an 8- to 10-percent increase in fuel efficiency. However, there’s something to understand about these engines. Turbocharged engines have increased atmospheric pressure. When dealing with vehicles that have high engine pressure, you risk “pre-ignition” occurring. This is when raw fuel ignites before the spark plug ignites it.

Traditional car engines are fine, but turbocharged engines are better. These engines are faster, more fuel efficient, and smaller than most car engines. As a result, drivers and manufacturers often see the benefits of turbocharged engines. If you forget about turbocharged engines’ benefits, refer to the top four advantages of a turbocharged engine.