Top 3 Best Tips for Starting a Trucking Business

Top 3 Best Tips for Starting a Trucking Business

Anyone who’s been behind the wheel of a truck knows that there’s something powerful about the feeling of being in the driver’s seat. Truckers get to travel for a living and see many interesting places throughout their career.

If this sounds like the life for you or if you already have experience with this industry, you might want to consider starting your own company. Here are the top three best tips for starting a trucking business.

Always Carry an Owner Mindset With You

When transitioning from employee to business owner, one thing you need to change is your mindset for running operations. As an employee, you want to be as dependable as possible, so you might not always question your boss’s decisions. However, as an owner, you should be questioning yourself and your employees to make the savviest decisions for your business.

Create a Comprehensive Business Plan Before Starting the Company

As a new fleet owner, you want to get off the ground quickly, but if you don’t have a plan, you won’t know what to do and your business will fail. Your business plan should be the roadmap to your success, and you want to fill it with all of the goals you want to achieve, possible avenues toward achieving them, and predictable outcomes for each one.

Most business plans sketch out three to five years of a company’s future, and they’ll predict how much income the company will generate and show how the money will come. Come up with a few business ideas that use box trucks before deciding which ones to take on.

Ensure That You’re Following Safety Measures and Complying With Regulations

Every new business must follow the proper guidelines to prevent an accident and comply with regulations associated with their respective industry. Fleet companies are no different. When you’re getting your company off the ground, you have to get the United States Department of Transportation (USDOT) number for each vehicle, obtain permission to operate across state lines, receive the International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) decals for each truck, and file a BOC-3 (blanket of coverage) for the company. Failure to follow regulations can end your business before it starts, so don’t overlook them.

Overall, starting a new venture should be exciting and worthwhile in the long run. Now that you know the top three best tips for starting a trucking business, it’s time to hit the road!