🎙 Used Cars Hot Streak Continues and Top Selling Units by Region [VIDEO]

Used Car Marketing Dealer Strategy Session ft. Aaron Gomez, Stu Zalud, and Guy Campbell

This month on our Used Car Marketing Dealer Strategy Session, we have a fresh lineup for you of panelists and information.

For starters, used-car retail SAAR is at its highest rate since February. According to sources, total used-car sales climbed approximately 1.4% from October 2018, which estimated the seasonally adjusted annualized rate for used-car sales at 39.6 million for the month.

That beats the year-ago reading of 38.1 million, but is down from 39.8 million in September.

Continuing on, the Manheim Used Vehicle Index has now posted a year-over-year decline for the first time since January 2017.

Also in the news, TrueCar has a new auto buying program with grocery retailer Kroger. Through the partnership, customers will receive price context, upfront guaranteed savings off the manufacturer’s suggested retail price on new vehicles, and in some states, discounts on used vehicles.

Called the Kroger Auto Buying Program, it will be open to Kroger customers who shop at stores within Kroger, Dillons, King Soopers, Fred Meyers, QFC – Quality Food Centers, Ralphs and Smith’s.

This month’s lineup of panelists includes: Guy Campbell from Marketcheck, Aaron Gomez from KMG Management, and if we are lucky, Stu Zalud from ACV Auctions.

Used Car Marketing Dealer Strategy Session

Aired November 2019

Other Talking Points Include…

Top Selling Used Vehicles by Market

This month we are introducing a new segment to the panel, courtesy of Marketcheck. In this segment, Guy Campbell from Marketcheck will be showcasing a series of reports that lets us see used vehicle sales from market to market based upon various criteria. Be sure to tune in so you can see what’s being bought and sold in your backyard, and how you can take advantage of the information.

More car shoppers will fly to buy a bargain

Americans have become comfortable shopping on computers, phones and other devices from wherever there’s an Internet connection, and then having goods — even perishable items, such as groceries — arrive at their doorstep within days, hours or even minutes.

Used cars and trucks are obviously larger and more complex things to buy, but dealers and auto-retail companies have been looking to cater to online shoppers, who often cast search nets far beyond their local geography. Some dealers will offer to book or even buy a flight for shoppers who are coming from afar. Some will promise to deliver a vehicle hundreds of miles away, in some cases enlisting the help of a third-party company.

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Startups see used-vehicle space ripe for disruption

According to a recent article on AutoNews.com, tech startups see the used vehicle space as an opportunity to capitalize on the marketplace.

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