The Most Important Innovations in Automobile Engineering

The Most Important Innovations in Automobile Engineering

Cars weren’t always around. Though businesses always push the industry forward with their new technology, there are core creations that changed how cars work altogether. Here are the most important innovations in automobile engineering.

Automatic Transmissions

Though there is much to the history of manual vehicle transmissions, the automatic transmission truly changed the game. Transmissions are a vital part of a car’s mechanical system. They take the energy from the engine to the wheels at the speed you desire. Their system of interlocking gears shifts up and down to adjust to the driver’s preference.

While the mechanical aspect of automatic transmissions is genius, it’s their impact on drivability that people feel the most. Nowadays, automatic transmissions are standard in most cars, making the stick shift and clutch pedal part of the past. Going from mechanical shop innovation to industry standard, automatic transmissions truly have become an unmistakable benchmark of automobile engineering.

Anti-Lock Braking System

The anti-lock braking system (ABS) is a monumental safety and operational innovation that changed how people used the brake. If you’ve ever stopped suddenly, you know the feeling of slamming the brakes and feeling the vibratory resistance—this is the ABS. It’s a distinctive feeling in which the brake pulses under your foot as you push down.

Engineers developed the ABS because cars needed a better way to handle quick stops and minimize their stopping distance. Tire tread creates friction, but only when spinning. The ABS will turn the wheels quickly and stop them again, pulsing the brake to slow the car down faster.

Inflatable Airbags

When cars were steam-powered and barely reached 10 miles per hour, people didn’t need quick-action safety features. However, just like the ABS, airbags are a modern innovation to account for the faster driving speeds and higher volume of cars on the road.

Human vehicular operation isn’t perfect, so there must be a solution for collision safety. Inflatable airbags protect your body with a giant pillow that deploys on collision.

Knowing the most important innovations in automobile engineering will help you appreciate the safety and mechanical features of your car. If you ever want to learn more, you should read your car owner’s manual. There is plenty to know about each indicator light and mechanical nuance in your system. This way, you can prepare for every situation and know how to handle your car in an emergency.