The Dutch Celebrate Electric Vehicles With A Party

Electric vehicles have arrived in the U.S., but Americans didn’t throw a party. The Dutch, however, threw a party to celebrate the EV.

Marijke Vos, Amsterdam’s environment alderman, at one of the city’s electric vehicle charge points.

The occasion happened to be free electric charging of vehicle batteries in Amsterdam, which has 15 charging stations – all free to the public. Officials there plan to have more than 200 such charging stations by 2012.

The party, Mr. Cherkaoui said, “communicates something new in a fun, very Amsterdam way,” adding: “The city is always ahead of the curve in terms of being green. This is creating a buzz that will lead people to check it out.”

That’s pretty Dutch. In the U.S., if there was a party to celebrate electric vehicle technology it would likely cost party-goers $1,000 for a plate of food and the privilege of hearing a well polished marketing message. And the most likely heard phrase among attendees would likely be, “Let’s go Dutch.”

I don’t think it would quite have the same connotation as the free party in Amsterdam. At any rate, we can still celebrate electric vehicle technology even if we do it a different way.

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