The Different Ways You Can Upgrade Your Car

The Different Ways You Can Upgrade Your Car

Any vehicle fresh off the lot is a playground for those with the know-how to customize and improve the stock components. Knowing the different ways you can upgrade your car will allow you to create the driving experience you want, whether you desire something fast and loose or something more stable and safe. Whatever your plans may be, know how to improve your car and stay within safety regulations.

Consider Your Tires

There are many different factors to consider when discussing your ideal car tires, whether you want something for off-roading, to handle turning on asphalt, or to remain strong against harsh weather conditions. It all comes down to the depth of the tire tread, the profile of the rubber, and the strength of the sidewall.

Know the Best Application

Off-roading tires may give you the strength and traction you need to surmount uneven, shifting terrain, but when driven on regular roads, they’ll negatively affect your gas mileage. There is no one-size-fits-all tire; everything has its best usage. It’s beneficial to have a selection of different tires for each occasion.

Switch Out the Stock Brakes

Your brakes are among the most important safety features in your vehicle; without the ability to brake, you risk severe injury to yourself and damage to your car. Three primary sections make up your braking system: the rotors, the calipers, and the brake pads.

Slotted Rotors

These types of rotors can help ventilate the gasses built up while braking, allowing for more significant surface contact, and increasing your vehicle’s stopping power.

Performance Brake Pads

These pads offer greater heat-resistance than stock, factory-standard ones, giving them increased durability and strength to slow down the rotor faster.

Take a Look at Your Drive Shaft

Your drive shaft transfers power from your engine to your wheels, enabling them to move forward or back. If something along this shaft were to break, it would render your whole car unable to move unless you put it in neutral and pushed it. But even though the drive shaft is vital, its characteristics can still be improved. Know the differences between aluminum and steel shafts, each one offering its own benefits and drawbacks.

Don’t Overlook the Sparkplugs

Sparkplugs, despite being small components, play a significant role in your car’s speed. Stock plugs can easily misfire, decreasing the speed of your vehicle and affecting the reliability of your engine. Higher-end performance plugs can circumvent the issues often found in standard plugs, providing you with increased control over your vehicle.

Know What Your Car Needs

Tinkering with your car is a favorite pastime of many enthusiasts, but it pays to know when to stop. Don’t modify your car too much until it becomes susceptible to breakages or prone to faulty operation and malfunction. More than anything, your vehicle—and you—need to be safe, and an overabundance of adjustments can inhibit its ability to maintain safe driving conditions.