The Automotive Industry Not the Only One to Go Hybrid

The automotive industry isn’t the only one going hybrid, the boating industry is seeking to take advantage of all that sun on the water by introducing hybrid solar-gasoline yachts such as the Altair 70.  Utilizing a 5 KW photovoltaic system, the Altair 70, created by Pama Design, has two large wings designed using solar panels.  When moored the solar wings can be brought down, giving the yacht a more streamlined look.  When up, the solar wings provide sufficient shade and cover for the seating areas on either side of the boat, complete with tables and comfortable pillows.

This eco-friendly yacht demonstrates how hybrid energy and green vehicles are taking over the world, not just in the automotive industry but in all kinds of industries.  Although the solar/fuel combo is rarely seen in the automotive industry, as solar cars are still not up to par with electric or hydrogen vehicles, the Altair 70 demonstrates the worlds’ increased interest in saving the environment by using alternative sources of fuel.  The Altair 70 perhaps also represents the interest of all individuals, including the upper classes who can afford such a yacht, in alternative fuel vehicles.

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Stacey Jo
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